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At Blindsmax.com, understanding the full benefits of the product you are interested in purchasing, is a top priority to us. To give our customers peace of mind, we have explained the ups and downs of motorization.

Why would you consider upgrading to a motorized window treatment?

There are a few reasons that our customers decide to make the upgrade to motorization.  Read on to see if motorized shades are right for you!

1.  Hard to Reach Windows

??????????????????????????????? Hard to reach windows are at the top of the list for reasons to take the motorization route.  Especially if dangling cords and/or wands are going to be a problem for your space.  With motorization, lift and lower your blinds with the touch a button on your remote.  Remotes that accompany your motorized blinds and shades are available with single channel and multi-channel options.  That being said, if you have several windows you would like to operate on several different settings, the multi-channel remote will be the most efficient remote for your home.

2.  Fitness Rooms


Recently, we had a customer who needed to have motorized solar shades in their workout area at a local gym.  This particular fitness room had 7 large windows that received quite a bit of sunlight during the afternoon times when a lot of members would be visiting the gym to get their after work workout in.  This customer wanted to give their members the option to raise and lower the shade in front of their treadmill to their desired setting.  With the standard 5 channel remote, our customer would not have been able to control all 7 solar shades individually. However, we  were able to order our customer a 16 channel remote so that each shade could be lifted and lowered individually depending upon the preference of the jogger on the treadmill at that particular time.

3. Windows behind furniture


Another reason motorization might be the right choice for you is if you have windows that require you to reach over furniture to reach the controls to open and lower your shades.  Motorization will provide you with the ultimate ease of operation for those hard to reach shades.

4.  Homes with children and/or pets


Much like the cordless lift system, when you motorize your blinds and shades, it eliminates the dangling lift and pull cords.  Not only does this give your room a clean and sophisticated look, but more importantly, it gives you peace of mind knowing the non-existent cords and wands will not be a threat to small children and pets.

So whether you simply love the idea of the ease of operation of motorized shades, or you’re looking for a solution to your problem of hard to reach windows, try considering adding motorization!  It may be just the answer you are looking for.  And as always, if you have any other questions regarding motorization or if it is right for you, give one of our friendly blind experts a call at toll free (888) 305-8020.  We’re here from 9am until 5pm EST to serve you!

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