Spring Decorating: Make your very own DIY Headboard for under $50!


Our Blindsmax.com Resident Blogger/DIY enthusiast Jenn White decided to take DIY matters into her own hands a few weekends ago and made a really nifty Wood Headboard for her bed.  The headboard looks amazing and ended up giving the room a very comfy fall feel.  Check out the process and the end results below!

Hello my name is Jennifer and I am a Pinterest addict, but really… I would have to say 80% of my “bright ideas” come from Pinterest.  Of course, I found the idea on Pinterest, which then led me to the Radical Possibility Blog.  My husband hates Pinterest to put it mildly.  But anyways, here’s the step by step tutorial to your DIY wood headboard!

For starters, here is your material list:

You Will Need:
Five 1x6s, cut to 60 inches each
One 1×3,  cut to 30 inches (Or you can have them cut down your extra piece)
Wood screws
Stud finder
Hanging wire
Stain (I used Minwax Dark Walnut, which I ended up liking sooo much more than The Internet’s favorite, Mahogany)
Note: These directions are for a queen-sized headboard. Queen beds are 60 inches, and I made my boards exactly 60 inches as well. To see other standard bed sizes for your own project, click here.
My wood came out to $21, and the stain was $4. I used the small thing of stain, and only needed about 1/4 of the jar.
Every DIY headboard tutorial I read used pine boards, but swore their project came in at under $40. Where the fuck are y’all shopping?? I went to Home Depot, ready to buy some pine boards only to learn that this amount of wood would have cost me closer to $100, which is not an option. I ended up using whitewood, which is just a composite of a bunch of different woods, and cost $7 per ten feet. Perfect. I had the Home Depot guy cut three of these ten foot 1×6 boards in half, leaving me with six 60″ pieces. I also had him cut a 60″ 1×3 in half for my braces. Literally all the hard work was done by Home Depot.You just gotta take all that wood home and screw it together. (Source: the Radical Possibility)
headboard3(Photo and Item List Source:  the Radical Possibility Blog)

Step 1:  After getting your materials of course, arrange your boards like the photo above.

Step 2:  Arrange the boards exactly like you would like them once they are hung up on your wall as your headboard.   I choose boards that had “knots” and distressed look already and even one that was stamped with a number from the lumbar yard I am assuming because I liked the look of those boards.  Plus, I knew the dark stain I choose would bring out those imperfections beautifully.


(Photo Source:  the Radical Possibility Blog)

Step 3:  Put your two 1 by 3’s and place them just like the photo above.  Now here is a tip, I choose to drill through the back at first, and then when I turned my headboard around, the tips of the nails had come through to other side. So luckily, my friends Emily and Jay had the idea to turn it around and take the wood screws out and go through from other side.  Which turned out great because the screw heads gave the headboard a very industrial look, which I happened to love!  So, drill in your screws from the front side.  Or get screws that are smaller in length so they do not go through your board.


Step 4: Now its time to stain your headboard.  I chose the darkest stain available at home depot, Dark Walnut.  Alot of DIY sources advised to use Mahogany but I didn’t want the reddish tint that usually accompanies Mahogany, to my wood because I have blue walls in my bedroom and I also wanted the headboard to be multi-faceted to whatever color I choose to paint my bedroom colors in the future.


 (Photo Source: the Radical Possibility Blog)

Simply use an old towel or rag, just make sure it’s clean, and dip it in the stain, then wipe across your board, you don’t need much now.. so easy on the stain. Then you will need a clean towel to wipe down after you wiped the stain on with the first towel.  Then you will need to let your headboard sit overnight to allow the stain to dry.


 Step 4:  The next morning, or if you’re impatient like me, 6-7 hours later depending on the temperature outside.. you will need to poly your headboard to seal the stain you have put into the wood.  I happen to have a husband that does hardwood floors, so we used the poly he had underneath the kitchen sink.


Step 5:  After you have let the poly coat dry as well, you will need to use the wire and brackets for the back of your headboard so that you can finally hang your headboard on your wall!  Here is a diagram of how I did mine and it has held up great thus far.

headboard2(Photo Source: the Radical Possibility Blog)

Step 6:  Drill two screws into your wall and hang your masterpiece up!



Husband Loves Pinterest!


Even making the big guy Sarge sleepy



Finished Project!

Overall this was a fun project to make, as well as pretty simple!  You really just need some spare time and a drill.  I encourage everyone to try it, even if for a headboard to dress up your guest bedroom.  Happy DIY from my front porch to yours!


Sweet & Helpful Friends are ALWAYS a plus!  Mine were Jay and Emily.

(All photos unless otherwise listed were shot by me.)


DIY SUNDAYS: Quick Mood Lighting


Ready for a quick DIY project you may not even have to leave the house for?  Well, here you go!  For this project, you just need a hammer, nails, spray paint, tea lights and soup cans.  If you have red and green spray paint, these are also perfect for the holidays.  Keep reading below for the easy instructions on how to brighten up your room with these creative cans.

Step 1) First and foremost, you want to make sure your soup cans are all cleaned out.

soup cans








Step 2) Spray paint your cans.  It’s only important to spray paint the outsides of the cans since you will not see the interior.









Step 3)  Take your hammer and nails and hammer in small holes with the tip of the nails throughout the can.









Step 4)  Set your tea lights into the cans and light them and voila! you have your DIY Mood Lighting.









Step 5) Enjoy.



Top 10 Holiday Cocktails brought to you by Blindsmax

Tis’ the season for hectic holiday shopping, in-laws and family visitors from far and wide.  At the end of a long day of shopping and visiting with family, relax with one of these festive holiday cocktails.  They are sure to calm your mind and relax your bones for the peaceful night sleep you’ve looked forward to all day long.

1)  Hot Toddy

Not only will this drink soothe a sore throat, it will also warm you up on those cold winter nights.hottoddy







(Hot Toddy Recipe)

2)  Caramel Apple Sangria

caramelapplesangriaThis makes for a perfect dessert wine, as it is super sweet. Chop up some fresh apples for some amazing Fall Goodness!






(Caramel Apple Sangria)


3)  Mulled Apple Cider


Apple Cider is a staple for any fall party, spice yours us with some cinnamon and a bottle of white wine and you’ve got Mulled Apple Cider.






(Mulled Apple Cider)

4)  Peppermint Martini



Peppermint flavored anything is always a party favorite.  However, this drink will draw eyes from across the room with all its’ enchantment.






(Peppermint Martini)

5)  Grinch Punch

grinchpunchThis foamy treat is kid-friendly, after all… it’s always best to have something fun for the kids as well.  You just need a handful of ingredients for this recipe that is sure to bring smiles to many faces around the Christmas tree!





(Grinch Punch)


6) Silent Night

This blue cocktail is the perfect choice for rum lovers alike.  Blue Curacoa and Malibu Rum will have you feeling like you’re on the Islands in no time!









(Silent Night)

7)  Chocolate Ginger Martini



For the Vodka and Godiva lovers in your family, this cocktail is right up their alley!  A smooth blend of chocolate and spirits makes these drinks easily sippable, so be careful…





(Chocolate Ginger Martini)

8)  Candy Cane Cocktail


Leftover Candy Canes?  No problem.  Simmer down with a night cap of candy cane cocktails.  A conversation starter for sure.






(Candy Cane Cocktail)


9)  Cranberry Eggnog

cranberryeggnogA classic twist on an old favorite.  For some, the thought of eating raw eggs is just plain creepy, but this Cranberry flavor gives this cocktail an kick.  Worth a try for sure those die hard egg nog lovers!





(Cranberry Eggnog)


10) Sparkly Christmas Cocktail


Can’t have a list of top 10 Holiday Cocktails without a Champagne treat!  The Sparkly Christmas cocktail not only is appealing to the eye but is delicious to the taste!






(Sparkly Christmas Cocktail)


Why New Window Treatments Are The Perfect Christmas Gift!

The Christmas gift that keeps on giving.  New window treatments will be enjoyed for years to come.  Some will even cut down on your gift recipients energy bill.  Window treatments will also provide privacy, warmth and color to your room.  Keep reading below to see options for every room in your home.


For the kids rooms:  Nulite Premium Pleated Shades with room darkening liner option

Pleated shades are all perfect for the kids room because they are a cost efficient option to the very popular honeycomb shades.  They are also available in the “cordless lift system” making them safer for homes with small children and pets.





cellularFor your Family Room:  Blindsmax Exclusive 3/8″ Double Cell Room Darkening Cellular Shades

The family room serves as versatile room that can call for a light filtering or room darkening option depending on how much sun exposure your room gets.  These pleated shades offer the option for a room darkening lighter if privacy is important for your family.


For your Mud Room: Levolor Premium Real Wood Blinds

Real Wood blinds give your room a feel quite like no other.  Easy to clean and extremely durable, hardwood blinds are a top choice for mud and utility rooms.  Optional decorative tapes make for a nice complimentary addition and are available on our Levolor real wood blinds.


For your Kitchen:   Phase II Soft Fold Style Roman Shades

Roman Shades will add a clean and modern look to any room.  Available in a wide range of colors and fabrics you’re sure to find a complimentary fabric to match your new or existing decor.


For your Master Bedroom: Blindsmax Exclusive 3/4″ Single Cell Light Filtering Shades

A master bedroom is definitely a place in your home where coziness and privacy are essentials.  Honeycomb shades provide that double layer of privacy as well as insulation.  If your bedroom has street-facing windows, these cellular shades may just be the perfect option!

For the Patio/Sunroom:  Levolor Woven Wood Natural Shades

Natural Woven Wood shades bring the natural textures and fibers of the outdoors inside your home.  Perfect accents for sunrooms and indoor porches.



Leftover Turkey? No problem. 5 quick meals you can make with your leftovers!

WAIT!  Don’t throw away that leftover turkey!  Blindsmax.com has 5 recipes that call for just that!  And what’s better after hours in the kitchen preparing Thanksgiving dinner than easy recipes you can throw together for the family? Check out these 5 delicious recipes below to fill the hungry bellies in your family for the rest of the Holiday weekend!

1) Homemade Turkey Soup

Nothing is quite as heartwarming as a bowl of warm soup on a cold winter’s day.  This soup aims to please!









 2) Turkey Focaccia Club

To accompany your Turkey Soup or to pair with a bag of chips!









3)  Next Day Turkey Primavera

This meal will use your leftovers but not feel like a repeat of Thanksgiving dinner.  Creamy pasta paired with some leftover Holiday rolls makes this recipe at the top of our list!









4)  Club Style Turkey Enchiladas

Mexican cuisine made from leftover turkey?  Why didn’t I think of that? The photo speaks for itself on this one, a shoe-in!









5)  Turkey Fettuccine Skillet

Another pasta, yes, we know… but it’s so different from normal Turkey Day cuisine, so we couldn’t resist!  Keep the family on their toes with these 5 recipes, they’ll forget how much actual turkey they’ve consumed!  Happy Thanksgiving from Blindsmax.com, we hope all of our customers had a wonderful Holiday!



DIY Project: Mason Jar Organizer


Tired of having random bathroom necessities covering your counter?  Get organized quick and inexpensively with these Mason Jar Organizers.  Material cost is less than $25 and they are super versatile for any room in your home, not just your bathroom!  Check out the instructions below to get started on your new bathroom de-clutter agent.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • 3 or 4 Mason Jars (depending on how many items you need to organize)
  • Hose Clamps
  • A piece of wood ( I used a 7 inch tall by 12 inches long)
  • Small jar of Wood Stain
  • Picture Hanging Kit
  • Drill and Screws

photo 1


Step 1:  Stain your wood

If you read my previous DIY Headboard post, you’ll see that staining is rather simple, you will spend more time waiting on the stain to dry than you will in the actual act of staining.  You will need a two clean cloths, one to dip in the stain and one to wipe the board once you have stained.  I actually used an old t-shirt that I ripped into two pieces… (think of ways to save money by using materials you have just lying around the house, that’s my motto anyway!)

With your stain cloth, dip the end into the stain and spread the stain across the piece of wood.  I covered the front, the edges, and and little of the back around the corners, just so I could make sure it was all covered and would not show any natural wood spots once hung on the wall.  Then, once you have stained your wood piece, take your 2nd clean cloth (or t-shirt rag) and wipe the excess stain off the board.  The stain will need to dry for a couple hours before you drill the the holes in that will hold your mason jars.



Step 2:  Get your drill out, it’s go time!

Well once your wood is dry that is… I suggest using the drill bit to pre-drill 3 small holes where the screws will eventually go into.  Also, use the same drill bit to also pre-drill small holes into your hose clamps to make for an easier adhesion of the hose clamps to the wood.









Once you’ve made your pre-drilled holes, attach the hose clamps to your piece of wood with your screws.  Three times the charms… or clamps to wood piece and move along to your final step!

photo 2

Step 3:  Get your picture hanging packet kit

This is probably the simplest step of all.  Just apply two of the picture hangers to the back of your wood and you’re ready to hang!

This is probably one of the best DIY projects I have found to date.  It’s simple, inexpensive, and looks marvelous in any room in your home.  I love nothing more than a good DIY project on the weekend.  And what better way to pay it forward than to share it with all of our awesome Blindsmax.com customers!  Stay tuned for more DIY projects from myself and Blindsmax.com.  Happy DIY Hunting!

Author Bio:  Jennifer White

Jennifer White is our resident blogger and DIY addict at Blindsmax.com.  She enjoys anything that allows her to clear the kitchen table and explore her relentless creative drive with weekend (and weekday) projects.  Bringing the best of DIY and the newest Window Treatment Products to your front door are her specialities.  Find her on Instagram: @blindsmax and on our weekly blog at www.blindsmax.com/blog.




Your Holiday Gift Guide from Blindsmax.com


Have a big family?  Lots of nieces and nephews?  Take a breather, Blindsmax.com has googled far and wide to bring you the best holiday guide for this Christmas Season.  Whether you are buying for a few or a few more this year, we have the top gadgets and gifts for every member of your family!  Keep reading (and taking notes) below and start your Holidays off right with this gift checklist:

Top Gadgets for those “Tech-Savvy” nieces and nephews:

Panasonic RP-HTX7 Headphones ($32) Amazon.com

Headphones are the perfect gift for a wide range of consumers.  Perfect for those long car rides when everyone in the car may not have the same taste in tunes…










Tylt Energi 2K ($39.99) Tylt.com

And because we are a technology favored society, a battery has been created to assist us in never going “off the grid”.  Introducing the Tylt Energi 2k, offering double the charging power of standard USB chargers.  It charges your phone and then it’s internal battery, so you have the absolute least possibility of loosing your juice!










For the gentlemen in your family:

Craft Beer Club ($38 per month) craftbeerclub.com

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” better than some Holiday Cheer served in a ice cold mug.  And we will say most of the gentlemen in your family will be considering you as a new favorite when they receive the gift that keeps on giving.. and coming!









For the avid coffee drinkers:

Coffee of the Month Club ($29.99 per month) craftcoffee.com

Any coffee drinker can appreciate a hand selected grind purely dependent on their taste buds!  Coffee of the Month club does just that!  This company caters to the coffee lover in your family, who will be singing your praise with each cup of morning joe.

craftcoffee club








For the Ladies:

The Corkicle ($20.00) shop.coolmaterial.com

The ladies in your gang will always appreciate a gift of Christmas cheer as well!  This innovative gift will keep their wine of choice at the perfect temperature through the entire Holiday Season and through the duration of the rest of the upcoming year!











The Dream Chenille Throw ($69) Landsend.com

Nothing says comfort like being snuggled up on the couch with your family.  The Dream Chenille throw from Landsend.com takes the snuggle time to the next level of comfort. Available in 5 different colors, you’re sure to please a handful of female family members with this gift!

chenillethrow dream2









For every member of your family:

New Window Treatments from Blindsmax.com!

A pop of color from new blinds or shades will bring light and laughter into any home.  What better way to brighten the season than with updated window treatments!  A thoughtful and home improvement gift guaranteed to deliver smiles under the Christmas Tree!  And for a limited time, enjoy a free cordless upgrade on select Graber Custom Shades.




DIY Turkey Wreath: A Simple Sunday Treat


Now that the ghouls and goblins have retreated back into the depths of the haunted forests, the new season of Fall brings us many things to be thankful for.  Visits from family members from across the way, recipes passed down from generation to generation, and the delicious turkey and sides that bring our friends and family around the table for Thanksgiving Dinner.  At Blindsmax.com, we decided what better way to greet all of this seasons’ visitors than with a DIY Turkey Wreath!  Our resident blogger Jenn White found this step by step tutorial to make this adorable Turkey wreath to greet all your guests with a friendly
“Gobble Gobble!” on www.babyrabies.com via Pinterest.

Here is the list of materials you will need to complete the Turkey Wreath:  (You can all of these materials at Hobby Lobby or a similar store such as JoAnn’s or Michael’s.)

(2) Styrofoam balls about the size of ping pongs

(1) Small styrofoam cone

(3) Toothpicks

(1) Sytrofoam wreath

(1) Sheet of RED craft foam

Black and Yellow Acrylic Paint

Brown Yarn

(50-75) yards of  Tulle on a spool (or you can buy tulle on the yard and cut it to size) **choose a few different colors- like red, orange, and yellow
Glue gun
Step One:

Paint the pupils on the white ping pong size styrofoam balls.  You will also pain the styrofoam cone yellow for the beak.

Step Two:

Wrap a 1/3 of the styrofoam wreath in brown yarn, this will be the area that is not covered by the tulle.

Step Three:

Next, you will need to cut the pieces of the tulle for the “feathers”.  Of the three colors or however many colors you chose to use, alternate the colors to bring a vibrant mix of fall colors to the wreath.

Step Four:

Use your toothpicks to stick both eyes and the beak into the wreath.

Step Five:

Fold your red piece of craft foam in half and cut a swiggly piece out to serve as the waddle of the turkey.  Make sure that it is skinnier at the top where the fold is to allow the fold to stay in piece.  Once the piece is cut simply use your glue gun to glue on this piece to the beak so it will stay put.

Step Six:

Let the kiddos name your turkey and enjoy your Seasons Greeter!

Stay tuned to our Blindsmax.com blog for more DIY fun!  And check out BabyRabies.com for more DIY tutorials!





Freshen Up Fridays: Warm up with your home this winter with Insulating Blinds


Cold weather have you feeling frigid?  The worst place to be cold is in the comfort of your own home.  Blindsmax.com has just the blinds for the job!  Our Blindsmax Exclusive Insulating blinds are perfect to keep the temperature warm and your energy bill down!  With the unique and innovative design of a cellular shades with the functionality of horizontal blinds.  The best of both worlds!


Insulating blinds are unique in that they provide insulation within the cells of the blind, similar to the technique that cellular or honeycomb shades provide.  This will happen when the vanes are expanded and open.  Once the vanes are compressed, the vanes will lay flat much like horizontal blinds making for an unobstructed view.


expanded cellsThese insulating blinds are offered in both light filtering and room darkening fabrics giving our customers the perfect choice for any room in their homes.

Head over to our website and check out all of the choices and options for our Blindsmax Exclusive insulating blinds and become one step closer to saving on your electric bill and keeping that warm cozy feel in your home this winter!


Happy Halloween: Circa 2,000 years ago


Halloween has much evolved over the past 2,000 years.  Some All Hallow’s Eve rituals have been sewn throughout the years and have managed to survive over many centuries.  A pre-Christian Celtic festival held at the end of summer, Samhain, which means “summers end” in the Gaelic language.  Samhain was an annual festival to celebrate the end of the harvest season.  A time to gather food for the winter and heard the animals back from the pastures.


Trick or treating can quite possibly be traced back to the act of medieval custom of “souling” performed in Ireland and Britain.  Poor people would go door to door on Hallowmas, November 1st, asking for food in exchange for prayers for the dead.  We weren’t kidding when we said that Halloween rituals had evolved.  We wouldn’t exactly call requesting snickers and twix by saying “trick or treat” from door to door.


Tricks can also be traced by many years, however, the art of playing “tricks” on people did not actually make its’ way to the United States until the 1800’s.  Back in the “old days” some pranks included leaving farmer’s gates open, tipping over outhouses, and yes, even egging houses.  So as you can see, some traditions are still holding strong this many years later.


Of course, marketing has put a brand on Halloween, making it somewhat the one acceptable day of the year to embrace the spooky side.  It would most likely frowned upon to have tombstones replicas in your front yard year around.  There is no factual evidence of the much publicized haunted houses and other frightening scenarios like you see in the movies having any ties to the actual origin of Halloween.

In fact, most evidence regarding the true nature of Halloween points the arrow away from any type of worship to an evil being.  Much of the public have speculated over the years that Halloween was something entirely apart from its’ true heritage.

However, Halloween still serves as a time where the kiddos can play dress up and families can spend time together walking amongst the neighborhood.  And a huge bag of goodies doesn’t hurt either.  Part of the fun in holidays is participating in them.  So from Blindsmax to you and yours, have a Happy and Safe Halloween!