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Inside mount blinds and shades are mounted inside the window frame. This option provides a clean, custom look and is considered the most popular choice. This is a great option if you do not wish to cover the window moldings.

Outside mounted blinds and shades are mounted outside the window, on your wall or molding. This option can make a window appear larger. It is also a solution if the window does not meet the depth requirement for an inside mount

Select a size (in inches): how to measure



Select a color / pattern:

Color Disclaimer: We do our best to depict an accurate representation of the actual swatch color. Colors can vary from monitor to monitor. Please order a free sample to ensure accuracy.


Virtue NP_FR801
Blush NP_FR834


Straw NP_ME822
Bark NP_ME824
Burlap NP_ME825
Chestnut NP_ME827


Putty NP_NA600
Gravel NP_NA602


Flax NP_PR831
Cocoa NP_PR834
Toffee NP_PR836


Calypso NP_SI507
Cotton NP_SI513
Morning Dew NP_SI523
Shadow NP_SI543
Harbor Mist NP_SI556
Brownstone NP_SI584


Meadowland NP_SO800
Wheatfield NP_SO802


Rustic NP_LI740
Frost NP_LI741
Bone NP_LI742
Moss NP_LI743
Fawn NP_LI745
Café Au Lait NP_LI746
Admiral NP_LI747


Halycon NP_SA002
Glazed NP_SA004
Aglow NP_SA005
Tranquil NP_SA006


Off White NP_CL720
Ivory NP_CL721
Sand NP_CL722
Cappucino NP_CL724
Brown Sugar NP_CL725


Beach NP_HI301
Auburn NP_HI302
Bark NP_HI303


Sand NP_SA101
Bone NP_SA103
Henna NP_SA105

Silk Elegance

Revere NP_SE603
Fog NP_SE604
Ice NP_SE611
Glisten NP_SE622
Stainless NP_SE643
Cranberry NP_Se677
Trophy NP_SE687


White NP_Wo100
Natural NP_Wo102
Nile NP_Wo104
Gold NP_Wo106
Chocolate NP_Wo108
Ice White NP_Wo110


Ceremony NP_CE050


Frost NP_GE010
Ash NP_GE020


Clarion NP_DA002
Shark Fin NP_DA009
Tinsel NP_DA011
Pink Carnation NP_DA015
Merlin NP_DA016
Nautical NP_DA017
Cobalt NP_DA021
Waterfront NP_DA022
Carrot Cake NP_DA023
Scarlet NP_DA024
Rockwood NP_DA025
Greige NP_DA026
Bistro NP_DA028
Sprout NP_DA030

Harmony LF

Ash NP_HA870
Café NP_HA871
Ivory NP_HA872
Egret NP_HA873
Slate NP_HA875

Select your controls:
*some options may not be available on every shade

Select roller type:

On a standard roller shade, the fabric rolls off the back of the roller, closest to the window. Selecting this option will allow you to further customized your shade with valance options.

On a reverse roll, the fabric rolls off the front of the roller, away from the window.

Select a Valance:

This product is manufactured without a valance. For a clean and finished look, we offer you the choice to upgrade your shade with an optional valance.

A coordinated valance option where matching fabric is inserted into a clear PVC channel panel.

The cassette head rail is a white aluminum cassette-type head rail that has a fabric insert, coordinated with the fabric of the shade. When the shade is raised, the low-profile head rail conceals the shade for a completely unobstructed view.

3in Square Fascia

Select from available colors:

3in Square Fascia White
3in Square Fascia Alabaster
3in Square Fascia Aluminum
3in Square Fascia Bronze
3in Square Fascia Black

4in Square Fascia

Select from available colors:

4in Square Fascia White
4in Square Fascia Alabaster
4in Square Fascia Aluminum
4in Square Fascia Bronze
4in Square Fascia Black

Additional Comments / Room Name / Sidemarks:

Order Summary:

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Height: edit
Color / Pattern: Please Select
Mount Type: Please Select
Control: Please Select
Roller Type: Standard Roller edit
Valance: No Valance edit



Measuring: Inside Mount

  • Always measure each window you plan to cover. Windows of different sizes can appear deceptively similar.
  • Measure in 3 locations for width and height. Use the smallest measurement (if they are not all the same) rounding down to the nearest 1/8 in.
  • Do not make any deductions, allowances or additions.
  • Check for squareness by measuring on diagonals.
  • Note: If diagonal measurement differs by more than 1/8 in., choose outside mount instead.
  1. STEP 1 – Find the width: Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" between the inside surfaces of window frame in three places (across the top, across the middle, and across the bottom – see image). Use the narrowest measurement when ordering the width. Do not make any additional width deductions – the factory will make the appropriate deductions to ensure proper fitting.
  2. STEP 2 – Find the height: Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" from inside surface at top of window to the window sill in three places (on the left, middle, and right – see image). Use the longest measurement when ordering the height. If you prefer blind not to touch sill, deduct 1/4". If there is no sill, measure to the point where blind is to reach.

Measuring: Outside Mount

  • Always measure each window you plan to cover. Windows of different sizes can appear deceptively similar.
  • Use a steel / metal tape measure for accuracy.
  • Record measurements to the nearest 1/8" of an inch. Make sure you clearly indicate width from the height. It's very easy to accidentally transpose measurements.
  • Measure the height to the outer edges of the molding in 3 places (your molding is part of the measurement). If you have a sill, measure from the top of the sill to the top of the molding. Measure the window height in 3 places. Record the longest measurement rounding up to the nearest 1/8 in.
  • Do not take any deductions, allowances or additions.
  1. STEP 1 – Find the width: Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" between the outermost points where the blind is to be placed. For optimum light control, this measurement should extend at least 3/4" beyond the window opening on each side (or 1 1/2" for the entire width)
  2. STEP 2 – Find the height: Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" from where top of blind will be located to the top of the window sill. If there is no sill, or if blind is to overlap the window frame, measure to the point where the blind is to reach.

Blinds & Shades:

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all our custom blinds & window shade orders shipping within the contiguous United States. Products under 94" in width (or length for vertical blinds) ship free of charge via UPS and/or FedEx from the manufacturing facility located closest to you. Oversized shipments require delivery via freight with a one-time shipping cost of $70.00 per order.


Due to packaging and weight shutters do not ship free. All Shutter orders ship at a flat rate of $70.00 per order.

Commercial Orders:

Commercial orders will be quoted with the cost of shipping.

Alaska & Hawaii

Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii have additional charges and will be quoted at the time the order is placed.

Next day or second day air shipping is available on many, but not all, products at an additional cost. This is quoted when requested.

Product Warranty: Nulite Premium brand

Limited Warranty:

We are pleased to offer you the following warranty:

  • The Hardware System and the Head Rail Mechanism are warranted against manufacturing defects for as long as you own your blinds. Louvers are warranted for Five years from the date of purchase.
  • This warranty covers any defects you discover during the specified time frame not caused by misuse or improper installation.
  • We guarantee that should you discover a defect covered by this warranty, we will either repair the defect or replace the product "at our discretion."
  • The warranty does not cover installation or freight charges.