Window Treatments for the entire home: On a BUDGET!


Spring is officially here, and along with bright flowers popping up all around us, comes the motivational drive for spring cleaning and redecorating.  Don’t you wish you could simply revamp your entire home with fresh blinds and shades.. without draining the bank?  Well rest assured, because help is on the way!  Many of our customers have broken down their window revamp projects to several mini-projects.  You can break down your window renovations by room, areas of your home, upstairs then downstairs, even by the window treatments that will be seen from the street view first!  By breaking down the amount of shades you purchase at one time into multiple blind orders, you can save some dollars now and then make your next purchase when the time is right for your budget.  Plus, our current blind sales and promo codes change month to month, so you may find that the cellular shades for your living room are offering a free top down bottom up option this month and the wood blinds you choose for your family room and den are an extra 15% off the following month!  No need to break the bank on a huge blind order for the whole house, take it step by step and bring new life and style to your home, one room at a time!


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