Window Treatment Options for Your Sliding Glass Door

Shopping for a blind or shade for your sliding glass door?  Should be pretty simple right? Vertical Blinds are the only choice aren’t they?  Wrong!  The days of having just one choice for Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments are gone!  At, we’ve come up with a handful of options for our customers who are looking to spruce up their patio and sliding glass doors.  While vertical blinds still remain a top contender for patio and sliding glass doors, other products such as Graber’s Sliding Panels and Timber’s Vertical Cellulars Shades give our customers more options to showcase their unique personal style.

Due to their durability, variety of color options, and cost friendly prices Vertical Blinds will always be in style.  Not only can you choose from vinyl, free hanging fabric, and fauxwood louvers, but you can also coordinate these blinds with your horizontal wood and fauxwood blinds!  Vertical blinds are also extremely easy to clean, making them perfect for homes with children and pets.

  • Graber’s Sliding Panels: A Leader in Innvoation

If you are looking for a modern window treatment that will provide superior privacy for that oversized window… look no further than our new product line, Graber’s Sliding Panels.  The versatility of these sliding panels make them the perfect option for both sliding patio doors as well as eloquent room dividers.  You can coordinate these sliding panels with several other Graber product lines including Solar, Roller, and Natural Shades.  The design of these Sliding Panels give your room a one of kind look that is also practically effortless to operate.

  • Timber’s Vertical Honeycomb Cellular Shades

If you love the honeycomb design of Cellular Shades, Timber’s Vertical Honeycomb Cellular Shades might just be the perfect choice for you!  These shades can also be coordinated to your horizontal cellular shades, making them perfect for those living room and bedrooms where privacy and light control are top priority.  And don’t worry, the Vertical Cellular Shades are just as proficient in light filtration and energy efficiency as their Horizontal Cellular Shades, since they are made from the same materials!  If you love the look of Honeycomb Shades, these Vertical Honeycomb Shades will leave you equally satisfied.

Order some free samples of each option when considering a window treatment for your patio and sliding glass doors.  Having a sliding glass door doesn’t mean you don’t have options!  Want to learn more?  Call in or Chat with one of our friendly Blind Experts today!


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