Top 5 Window Covering Problems and Solutions

Top 5 Window Covering Problems and Solutions

Top 5 Window Covering Problems and Solutions

Top 5 Window Covering Problems and Solutions

Top 5 Window Covering Problems and Solutions

We hear from customers with window covering issues like odd shaped windows, very tall or wide windows, light-control and room-darkening issues, safety concerns, and cost. There are actually affordable solutions to all of these problems, and we will go over them on this blog. The following are the top 5 window covering problems and solutions that our customers have. (See Images Below for Examples Of Solutions)

Problem 1 – I have odd shaped windows. (See Image 1)

Custom window treatments, specialty shades, and specialty blinds can be created in nearly any size or shape you can imagine. Specially crafted blinds and window shades can meet any architectural challenge you have. At Blinds Max we have a dedicated team ready to assist you with special orders for odd-shaped windows like arches, sidelights, half moons, quarter moons and more. Call Us: 888-305-8020

Problem 2 – My windows are really tall and/or wide. (See Image 2)

Window coverings can be custom-made with dimensions as large as 144″ wide to 125″ long depending on the type of blind or shade you choose. There are also features like remote controlled motorization which is a great option if your window controls are difficult or nearly impossible to reach. These motorized controls can even be tied to an integrated or remotely controlled system (like a smart phone or tablet) that is controllable even if you are away from home.

Problem 3 – I want my bedroom and/or home theater totally dark. (See Image 3)

Blackout blinds and blackout shades, also referred to as room darkening shades and blinds, block about 99% of all incoming natural light. Window shades are the most superior window covering choice for darkening a room since blinds and curtains usually leave at least a small light gap. Blackout shades and blinds come in a variety of colors and styles so you can perfectly match your space, and when combined with other window treatments like curtains, 100% blackout can be achieved when desired.

Problem 4 – I am concerned about how safe my window treatments are. (See Image 4)

Cordless blinds are the safest option in homes where young children and pets are present. While there are no true “child proof blinds”, making safer choices in the operating style of your blinds can make your home safer and much less risky. Good options include top-down / bottom-up cellular shades, and roller shades that have no cords.

Problem 5 – Quality Blinds are too expensive. (See Image 5)

We get this a lot and our customers are often surprised at how affordable it is to have high quality blinds and shades in their home. Blindsmax offers the best selection of high quality, affordable blinds, and window shades anywhere on the web. We believe in helping you find what you need easily, acquire it with a lowest price guarantee, and we know that you will return again, assured that you will always be more than satisfied.

Starting as low as $14 per blind with free shipping included for simple beautiful blind solutions you could cover 7 windows for around $100! Plus we offer free samples for everyone, and no sales tax to residents outside the state of Tennessee (Sorry TN πŸ™ state law makes us do it…) One of our favorite budget options starting at under $20 per blind is the 2″ Nulite Prestige Fauxwood, it comes in 20 realistic wood colors and in shades of white and off-white.

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Cellular Shades Blindsmax Odd Shaped Windows

Odd Shaped Windows – Blinds Max Cellular Shades

Sheer Horizontal Kitchen Shades For Wide Windows
Blackout Cellular Shades Baritone Blackout

Blackout Cellular Shades By

Timber Single Cell Blackout Shades

Child Safe Timber Single Cell Blackout Shades

2 inch Nulite Prestige Faux Wood Blinds With Tape

2″ Nulite Prestige Faux Wood Blinds With Optional Cloth Tape Options

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