Top 3 Rooms for Fauxwood Blinds: Affordable and Stylish!

pictures of faux wood blinds

pictures of faux wood blindsKitchens, Bathrooms, and Man Caves… oh my!  Are you surprised at the top 3 areas for fauxwood blinds?  Here’s the breakdown…


Kitchens are known to be high moisture areas.  Fauxwood blinds are manufactured to be warp resistant again water and moisture, so they are perfect for areas such as the kitchen that see a lot of water action.  Fauxwood blinds are also easy to clean and very affordable.  Get the look of wood blinds for a fraction of the cost!


Much like kitchens, bathrooms also see a lot of moisture.  Hence, why fauxwood blinds are perfect for the bathroom as well.  Fauxwood blinds are also excellent for privacy as well as humidity.  So they may be just the right type of blind for that window over your whirlpool tub!

Man Caves

A recent trend we are seeing here at is the selection of fauxwood blinds with cloth tapes in our customer’s man caves.  The stain and paint colors offered in the fauxwood collections give the room a real wood feel. Choose from one of our many cloth tapes to accent your current décor as well as your hardwood floors.


Fauxwood blinds can work for about any room, but as you can see they really reach their full potential in high traffic and high humidity and moisture areas.  Call and speak to one of our friendly Customer Care representatives today to find out more!


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