The Levolor Pledge: What you need to know, right now!

I think all of us have entertained the worry about ordering custom blinds… what if I measure wrong?  What if the colors and fabric don’t work with my existing décor?  What if I order an inside mount, and I actually needed an outside mount?

Well, rest assured that and Levolor have your back!

Order with confidence from the only company in the United States that will replace your blinds if you mis-measured or simply are not 100% satisfied with your blinds or shades.

How does the Levolor Pledge work?

Once you receive your Levolor blinds, if for any reason they do not fit in your window or you simply are not happy with them, give the friendly Blind Experts at Blindsmax a call.  From that point, we will go over your concerns and questions about your recent Levolor blinds purchase and decide upon a plan of action.  We will then contact Levolor on your behalf and do all the work for you to get the blinds of your choice, of equal or lesser value, replaced and promptly shipped out to you!  If your new selections are at a higher cost than your original order, just pay the difference, we will take care of the rest!  This procedure must be completed within the 30-day window which Levolor allows.  That is 30-days from the time you receive your order, not from the time you place your order with Blindsmax.

It’s that simple.  So how can Levolor just replace your blinds if you don’t like them?  Simply stated, Levolor stands behind their products and are committed to providing 100% Satisfaction to their customers.  So much so that they also offer a “Full 10 Year Warranty Coverage” with all of their products.  Call and speak to one of the members of our friendly staff today to learn more!  You can reach us toll free at 1-888-305-8020 Monday through Friday 9am until 5pm EST.

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