The Top 10 Ways to Cover a Window

There are lots of choices when it comes to covering your windows, and sometimes it is difficult to decide which to choose. There are Blinds, Shades, Curtains, Shutters; the list goes on. Some choices are more popular than others, and these are the ones we will inspire you with in this post.

1. The Faux Wood Blind:
This one is hands-down the most popular window covering option used today. These blinds take on the look of beautiful real wood blinds, but are considerably cheaper in price. Faux wood blinds come in a lot of different colors but the most popular ones are white and cream or off-white. They are affordable and look nice alone or with valances and drapes. One thing to note, faux wood blinds are made from PVC and weigh considerably more than their hardwood blinds counterpart. If you’re covering a large window and you plan to raise and lower the blinds regularly, we suggest considering real wood blinds.

faux wood blinds in bathroomFaux wood blinds are great in bathrooms and other high-humidity areas


2. The Vertical Blind:
Vertical blinds are usually the choice for covering patio doors, sliding glass doors, or large windows. Typically you see them in white or off-white, but they also come in just about any color you could possibly want – including faux wood. The really nice thing about vertical blindsis that you can open them fully or simply adjust the slats to control light and privacy.

Graber Sheer Vertical BlindsVertical blinds are a great alternative for large windows

3. Roman Shades:
The roman shade has gained a lot of popularity lately as trends move away from heavy elaborate traditional drapes to more of a contemporary elegance. There are four main styles of roman shades; the flat style (sometimes referred to as plain), the hobbled or soft fold shade, the European style which gathers loosely at the bottom, and the classic flat roman shade. The variety of material styles and colors out there is astounding, each shines with its own character.

Elegant-Roman-Shades-PhaseII Elegant Roman Shades – Phase II

4. Wood Blinds:
Not only are real wood blinds some of the most beautiful window coverings on the market, but they are also the superior option when it comes to energy efficiency. The most popular look is either white or natural woods like pine, maple, oak, cedar, walnut, or any one of a variety of stained finishes.

Levolor Wood Blinds Levolor Wood Blinds

5. Solar Shades:
Solar shades are popular options for those who want optimal views with minimized heat gain and glare. Typically solar shades are used in offices, but they make for great sunroom blinds. Operation is simple with a controlled lift system that keeps the shade from getting ‘out of hand’.

Timber Solar Shade Screens Mesh solar screen shades are great for rooms with stunning views

6. Mini Blinds:
The aluminum mini blind is a classic style that has been used for many years due in part to this window coverings well-known reputation for durability. Just like a great pair of jeans the mini blind resists fading and keeps its popularity even as trends change. There are a rainbow of colors available to match any and every possible decor scheme you have in mind.

Mini BlindsAluminum Mini Blinds can also add an industrial look to any space

7. Cellular Shades:
Whether you call them shades or blinds, the cellular option is the superior choice when it comes to privacy control.  There are typically two choices; the single cell and the double cell shade which are also referred to as honeycombs. The cells act as barriers to trap the air and heat seeping in and out around a window; this makes these shades fantastic options for increased energy efficiency.

Cellular Shades Cellular Shades

8. Roller Shades:
Roller shades are popular because they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Basically you could have just about anything you want printed onto a roller shade, or you can stick to solid colors and traditional patterns.

Roller Window Shade Roller Window Shade

9. Woven Wood Shades:
Simply beautiful natural woven wood shades, also called bamboo shades by some, are very popular for those who want to bring natural elements in their homes. These blinds are Eco-friendly blinds with unique character, no two are exactly alike! There are many shades of woven woods to choose from, and you can choose to have them lined or leave them unlined.

Bamboo Blinds Add liners for increase light control and privacy

10. Sheer Shades:
Last but not least there is a style of window covering that is soft and pretty but not overwhelmingly feminine, the sheer shade. The light filtering effect of the sheer shade gives the room a sort of soft glow that no other window covering can offer. When closed the sheer shade effectively blocks out light and offers the same privacy as a traditional blind.

Sheer Light Filtering BlindsSheer horizontal shades are sheer elegance!