Let your Light Shine: Pick and Choose Exactly How Much Summer Shine Is Right for You

Blindsmax.com believes that from the family living areas to the open kitchen where the entire family comes together at days end, just the right amount of sunshine can make all the difference in a room.  Use the sun to your advantage with cellular shades that will designate you as the glorified Light Master in your home!  Cellular shades offer a variety of benefits.  Not only do they offer assistance with the insulation within your home, the variety of options offered give the homeowner the freedom to customize these shades to fit their homes’ needs.  Levolor Accordia Shades are a top choice in cellular shade products.  With a variety of fabric colors and designs to choose from, matching your shades to your home décor and furnishings is at the ease of your fingertips.  Nervous to choose a fabric color without seeing it in person first?  No problem, we offer free samples in every fabric choice delivered directly to your doorstep!  Our customers can also choose from a light filtering fabric or a room darkening fabric.  Light filtering fabrics are great for rooms where natural light can play into the ambiance of the room.  While room darkening fabrics are perfect for bedrooms and home theater rooms where privacy and light control are top priority.  Whether you are interested in welcoming the sunshine into your room with open arms or making it an occasional house guest, cellular shades are an economical and illuminating choice.

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