Admit It – You HATE to Clean… These 3 Things Can Cut Your Time Doing Chores In Half

Dining Room Shades Pleated

Dining Room Shades Pleated

Dining Room Shades Pleated

Dining Room Shades Pleated

Nobody likes to clean… well… maybe Martha Stewart does, but I bet even she has a maid to help with some chores. Ask most women what they would do if they suddenly had a lot more money and most would tell you (after buying those must-have designer shoes), they would hire someone to help clean the house.

Some of us might even have the money to hire someone but it seems pointless to spend it when we could get something else we really want. Either way the reality is that it usually falls to us to keep things in order. Really nobody wants to live in a messy home, it just zaps your energy away. While I can’t magically make it all go away I do know a few tricks to get things neat and tidy with less time and effort so here goes.

1. Baskets are your friend.
Your Mom calls… she will be over in 30 minutes to bring you some of her famous homemade cookies but your living room is a mess! To avoid the disapproving looks and potential nagging commentary what you need are baskets. Those cloth or wicker baskets are amazing spots to quickly toss things into and hide a mess in record time and can be then placed on shelves, under the coffee table, or next to the couch (there are some with lids).

2. Magnetic Dusters
The books, random kids toys, and the pile of bills is taken care of… and you look up and notice the fan blades are dusty (I was going to clean that last week… I promise.), not to mention the blinds on the window. This is why everyone needs a magnetic duster or two (hubby can help “or else”…), with a few quick swipes everything is set right again. Tilt the blinds shut one way, sweep your duster, then turn them the other way to get the other side quickly. Make sure to open them afterwards so it’s bright and cheerful… you do not get accused of sitting in the dark so much.

3. Scented Disinfectant Wipes
Scented wipes like the Clorox or Lysol disinfecting wipes are a nifty little speed cleaning weapon for your arsenal. Not only can you get the dust off shelves and the little spills and marks off your furniture fast, you also make the whole room smell fresh and clean. It’s like a double whammy of cleaning power that will have your guests wondering how on earth you keep your house so perfect.

Good thing they were not there 30 minutes ago…

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Elegant Pleated Shades

Elegant Pleated Shades


Cellular Shades Dining Room

Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds

Pleated Diningroom Shades

Pleated Dining Room Shades

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