“Freshen Up Fridays”: Give your Mom the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

This week on Freshen Up Fridays…

Switch it up this Mother’s Day and give Mom a priceless gift: A Window Treatments UPDATE!


That’s right, at Blindsmax.com, we’ve done the planning ahead of time for you!  Stuck in the rut of getting Mom the same gifts every year?  Flowers, handbags, and a trip to her favorite restaurant for lunch?  Skip the crowded Hallmark’s and restaurant waits and give your one-of-a-kind Mom the gift that keeps on giving… new blinds and shades!  Make her day and surprise her with a fresh new look in her window panes.  And if you’re super sneaky, head over to her house when you know she isn’t home and take a quick measurement of that bay window in the kitchen where the blinds are practically falling apart.  Then, call us and our sales team will help you pick the perfect shades for that perfect lady in your life!  Next step, we can have Mom’s blinds delivered to your home or office (to keep the surprise going of course!) and while Mom is busy running around with the grandkids outside, install her new window fashions.  All of our blinds come with all the necessary mounting brackets and screws you will need to have Mom’s new look up and going in no time! Flowers and lunch will never go unappreciated by any family member, but this year, if you’re in the market for that special gift, nothing says “I wanted to surprise you on your special day” like a brand new look, just in time for Summer BBQ’s and parties.  Give us a call today and let one of our friendly blind experts team up with you for the ultimate Mother’s Day surprise!



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