Freshen Up Fridays: 7 ways to Revive your Summer Style on a Budget!

Want to spruce up your digs for the summer but also want to keep that extra cash for a weekend roadtrip? brings you 7 quick and easy ways to spice up your decor for summertime!  Some are free of charge and some may cause you to dig just a little into that summer getaway fund, but either way, you’re sure to set the tone for summer in your home this year.


  1.  Throw in some vibrant colored blankets and pillows to bring new life to your cozy chair or sofa.  A hint of color can be a breath of fresh air!

2.  Give that wooden chair that has been stowed away in your office a fresh coat of paint and you’ll have a nice accent piece for the hallway or foyer.

3.  Next time you’re at Walmart or Target, check out their selection of outdoor rugs in the garden/patio section.  They are usually under $35 and can easily engage that summer vibe  on the back porch.

4.  One of the best and FREE ways to add color to any room is fresh cut flowers!  Go on a summer drive, collect some on the way, then simply put them in a glass cylinder or vase once you get back home.  The great thing about these other than the cost is that you can refresh them as often as you like!

5.  Another idea that is free of charge to you is letting the natural light in.  Natural light can do wonders for a room.  And if you have your windows opened as well.. nothing says summertime in your home like fresh summer air.

6.   And don’t forget about Fido!  Use chicken stock and water to freeze all of his favorite treats and playtoys into an unconventional water bowl that will keep him entertained and hydrated for hours on those warm sunny days!

7.  Lastly, if you have revamped with all the suggestions above and are just still wanting that finishing touch for summer.  Upgrade some of your older blinds with the TOP/DOWN BOTTOM/UP style shades.  These shades allow for optimal light control and privacy.  Move them up when the sun rises and down when the sun sets in the afternoon.  The Top/Down Bottom/Up options gives your room that modern and clean look that is sure to harmonize with your new summer renovations!  Give us a call today to find out more.  Our staff are here to assist you Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST, toll free at 888-305-8020.

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