Fauxwood Blinds VS. Hardwood Blinds: Which is right for you?


I spy with my little eye… Wait, can you tell the difference?  Which room has used fauxwood and which has used hardwood?  Let Blindsmax.com give you the top 5 benefits of both Graber Fauxwood blinds and Graber Wood blinds and you be the judge!


Graber Lake Forest Fauxwood Blinds

1.  Fauxwood blinds are manufactured for durability, ease of cleaning, and stability.

2. Fauxwood blinds are a fraction of the cost of wood blinds. Making fauxwood blinds a more economical approach while still keeping the feel of real wood blinds alive in your home.

3.  Fauxwood blinds are offered in the variety of wood stain finishes as well as painted colors.  These painted and stained colors coordinate beautifully with existing natural wood finishes in your home.

4.  The Child Safe Cordless option is available on fauxwood blinds which makes them a front runner in available upgrades.

5.  The 2 1/2 inch “Shutter Style” slats are also available in the Lake Forest Fauxwood collection.  These larger slats give the consumer the viewing capability formerly exclusive to wood shutters, while still rendering the functionality of fauxwood blinds.


Graber Traditions Wood Blinds

1.  The genuine look of real wood is unsurpassed.  The imperfections and knots in the hardwood blinds give our customer the authentic look and feel of true American hardwood in their home.  The wood staining techniques applied by the manufacturer give these blinds a one of a kind look uncomparable to anything else.

2.  Wood blinds are lightweight, making them more suitable for large windows.  When you have a large window the blind can become quite heavy, causing a possible “sag” in the middle of the blind.  With wood blinds, the material is lighter than your fauxwood components, so you do not have to worry about the weight of your oversized shade.

3.  Graber’s Wood Blinds are offered in over 50 colors and stains giving our customers a wide variety of choices to accompany their current décor and wood trim work.  The possibilities with color also make using a complimentary stain or color an option as well.

4.  Cordless upgrade is also an option for hardwood blinds.  The child safe cordless option is becoming more and more popular for homes with childrens and pets.  Just another added safety measure Blindsmax.com offers our customers!

5.  Decorative tassels are also available exclusively with our Graber Traditions Wood Blinds.  Give your window treatment its’ own unique style with this design option.


As you can see, there are benefits to both the fauxwood and hardwood blinds.  Determining which one is best for you and your home can be a tough decision.  But shop confidently knowing that either product you choose, fauxwood or wood blinds, both are guaranteed to give your home a classic and timeless look that everyone is sure to enjoy.  And as always, Blindsmax offers samples of both products for our customers free of charge!


(psshh.. the room on the left  has our Graber Fauxwood Collection and the room on the right has our Graber Wood Blinds.  Did you guess correct??)

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