Do as the Romans Do: Up your style ante with Fabric Roman Shades

Some styles and trends are simply timeless, they survive the ups and downs of their culture and continue to resurface again and again through the rollercoaster ride of interior decorating.  Fabric Roman Shades are no exception to this rule.  In the days of Ancient Rome, Romans would hang cloths in their windows to keep dust from unpaved roads and constant construction from filling their homes.  They then realized they had hit a spark of genius when these coverings also blocked out those hot rays of sunshine.  It was at this time that window coverings of all different types made their breakthrough.

Surprisingly, despite their small beginnings, Roman Shades originated upon the basis of the basic fundamentals of window coverings:  provide privacy, block out the sun and provide a cooler interior temperature.  The amenities they provided for the Romans are still the same ones they continue to provide for us today.  Flash forward to present day, and we simply have a much larger variety for color and fabrics.  We can also choose from several different styles such as Flat Style, Hobbled, and European Style.

Roman Shades 101:  Different Styles of Roman Shades

Flat Style Roman Shades

Flat Style Roman Shades provide a clean and simple look with the overlapping at the bottom of the shade.  Patterned fabrics are best used with this style of Roman Shades.  Flat Roman Style Shades give an unconstructed crisp appearance to any room.


Levolor’s Hobbled Roman Shades offer a timeless and classic look for our customers with a more traditional style.  Offered in 192 fabrics and colors, it is easier than ever to find the perfect color to match your coordinating pillows and throw.  Liven up your space with bright colors and patterned fabrics.  And as always, you can order as many fabric samples you need free of charge until you find the perfect one!


European Style Roman Shades
Our Phase II European Style Roman Shades give any window in your home that elegant and relaxed feel.  Much like the flat style roman shades, the European style roman shades have the clean and unconstructed flat panel from top to bottom.  However the European style offers the customer a “slouched” upward curve shape at the bottom which makes for an hourglass figure when raised.  The European is considered to be more of a decorative treatment, rather to be drawn and set to a specific length, rather than to be for everyday use.


Fabric Shades in general have remained in the most popular category among window coverings.  The feel and appearance of fabric window shades set themselves apart in a species all their own.  Want to know more about Roman Shades and the benefits they can offer your room?  Contact one of our Experts today!  Toll free at 888-305-8020.  We will be happy to help!



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