Cordless Blinds and Shades: The Safe and Stylish Option

There is nothing more important than the safety of your children. The best place to start taking precautions is in your child’s room. Consider the following tips from the Window Covering Safety Council, regarding window areas: Never place a crib, playpen, bed or any type of low-standing furniture near a window. To avoid your child accidentally becoming entangled in a nearby window cord, place cribs and furniture on a non-windowed wall. It is recommended that only cordless window products be used in young children’s bedrooms and play areas. Retrofitting older window coverings is also an option.

Cordless blinds and shades are available in a variety of fashionable options. You do not have to sacrifice style in the name of safety. You will find many colors and designs to suit any decor. In fact, the clean, slick look of cordless is gaining popularity because of its streamlined appearance. Most traditionally corded types are also available in a cordless version using either spring-loaded mechanisms, remote controls or wands.

Some examples available with cordless options are roller blinds, cellular shades and pleated shades. These typically operate by gently pushing up or pulling down on the bottom pull or rail to position at desired height. Remote control blinds give you safety and convenience. Wand operated blinds allow you to easily open, close and traverse slats. Eliminating cords and chains gives a safe, clean, and uncluttered look to enhance any room. Horizontal blinds and shades, vertical blinds and even wood blinds can be used to beautify your home while also keeping your small children and pets safe.

The Window Covering Safety Council was founded in 1994 by major U.S. manufacturers, importers and retailers of window coverings. They formed this coalition to educate consumers about window cord safety, to raise awareness of the potential hazards of window cords, provide free retrofit kits and information, and promote the industry’s continuing commitment to product quality and safety.

For your number one priority, consider replacing your old window coverings with cordless possibilities. If that isn’t an option, retrofit your existing blinds. The Window Covering Safety Council provides free retro kits for your convenience.

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