Energy-Efficient Shades Save You Money

Choosing the right window covering will unify your room and create the ambiance you desire. If you opt for an energy-efficient window treatment, in addition to tying together your decor, it will save you money! There are varieties currently on the market that are not only beautiful but serve to allow you to block completely or let in just the right amount of sunlight. Having natural sunlight permeate a room can help reduce costs related to lighting as well as heating in the winter. Having the ability to block the sunlight effectively can reduce the cost of cooling in the summer.

There are many benefits to having the proper blinds, shades or shutters in your home. They will make your rooms look nice while also preserving privacy, saving money on heating and cooling costs, and blocking outdoor sounds. Energy-efficient shades offer an attractive and practical alternative to drapes. Some popular and stylish shade options are cellular shades, roman shades and roller shades.

Cellular shades also called honeycomb shades, have a single, double or triple layered design that traps the air between the layers of the shade in individual cells. This creates an effective barrier between the window and the room and helps to prevent temperature transference. These are available in an array of fabrics and colors.

Roman shades are solid fabric panels that when raised, gently fold and stack to give a decorative appearance. They can be overlapping, hobbled or flat. There are a variety of styles, colors and textures to coordinate with any decor. They can be created with an insulated lining to improve energy efficiency as well as privacy and can accommodate large windows.

Roller shades are a sleek design option made as a flat panel of fabric that rolls up and can be concealed. Roller shades are a simple, streamlined look that can be used to filter or block sunlight completely. Roller shades can help to prevent heat loss, block drafts around windows and absorb sound. They are stylish and efficient with many patterns and accessories available.

These types of energy-efficient shades are available in light filtering and room darkening and in a variety of styles to match any home or office. They can also be equipped with no hassle cordless operation for convenience and safety. Eliminating cords and chains gives a clean and uncluttered look and keeps your small children and pets safe. Energy-efficient shades are attractive and functional. They successfully provide privacy, light and sound control, and protect furniture and floors from damaging ultraviolet rays all while cutting down your electric bill!