Top 5 Window Covering Problems and Solutions

Top 5 Window Covering Problems and Solutions
Top 5 Window Covering Problems and Solutions

Top 5 Window Covering Problems and Solutions

We hear from customers with window covering issues like odd shaped windows, very tall or wide windows, light-control and room-darkening issues, safety concerns, and cost. There are actually affordable solutions to all of these problems, and we will go over them on this blog. The following are the top 5 window covering problems and solutions that our customers have. (See Images Below for Examples Of Solutions)

Problem 1 – I have odd shaped windows. (See Image 1)

Custom window treatments, specialty shades, and specialty blinds can be created in nearly any size or shape you can imagine. Specially crafted blinds and window shades can meet any architectural challenge you have. At Blinds Max we have a dedicated team ready to assist you with special orders for odd-shaped windows like arches, sidelights, half moons, quarter moons and more. Call Us: 888-305-8020

Problem 2 – My windows are really tall and/or wide. (See Image 2)

Window coverings can be custom-made with dimensions as large as 144″ wide to 125″ long depending on the type of blind or shade you choose. There are also features like remote controlled motorization which is a great option if your window controls are difficult or nearly impossible to reach. These motorized controls can even be tied to an integrated or remotely controlled system (like a smart phone or tablet) that is controllable even if you are away from home.

Problem 3 – I want my bedroom and/or home theater totally dark. (See Image 3)

Blackout blinds and blackout shades, also referred to as room darkening shades and blinds, block about 99% of all incoming natural light. Window shades are the most superior window covering choice for darkening a room since blinds and curtains usually leave at least a small light gap. Blackout shades and blinds come in a variety of colors and styles so you can perfectly match your space, and when combined with other window treatments like curtains, 100% blackout can be achieved when desired.

Problem 4 – I am concerned about how safe my window treatments are. (See Image 4)

Cordless blinds are the safest option in homes where young children and pets are present. While there are no true “child proof blinds”, making safer choices in the operating style of your blinds can make your home safer and much less risky. Good options include top-down / bottom-up cellular shades, and roller shades that have no cords.

Problem 5 – Quality Blinds are too expensive. (See Image 5)

We get this a lot and our customers are often surprised at how affordable it is to have high quality blinds and shades in their home. Blindsmax offers the best selection of high quality, affordable blinds, and window shades anywhere on the web. We believe in helping you find what you need easily, acquire it with a lowest price guarantee, and we know that you will return again, assured that you will always be more than satisfied.

Starting as low as $14 per blind with free shipping included for simple beautiful blind solutions you could cover 7 windows for around $100! Plus we offer free samples for everyone, and no sales tax to residents outside the state of Tennessee (Sorry TN 🙁 state law makes us do it…) One of our favorite budget options starting at under $20 per blind is the 2″ Nulite Prestige Fauxwood, it comes in 20 realistic wood colors and in shades of white and off-white.

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Cellular Shades Blindsmax Odd Shaped Windows

Odd Shaped Windows – Blinds Max Cellular Shades

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Blackout Cellular Shades Baritone Blackout

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Timber Single Cell Blackout Shades

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2 inch Nulite Prestige Faux Wood Blinds With Tape

2″ Nulite Prestige Faux Wood Blinds With Optional Cloth Tape Options

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How much do new blinds cost?

At we often get calls from customers who want to know one thing up-front before they choose their blinds or window shades: “How much do new blinds cost?” The answer is far from simple since the cost varies from product to product, however I will do my best to explain the purchase process and what the typical costs associated with buying new blinds are going to be.

Purchasing new blinds or shades for your home can be a very daunting task since there are many factors to consider including: Style, Window Size & Shape, Light Control, Energy Efficiency, Motorization, Colors, Materials, Exterior Co-ordination, Number of Windows, and Budget to name a few. Add to that the choice of whether or not you will also need help installing your new window coverings and we often see our customers overwhelmed. Luckily we have a full staff of dedicated people at our Blindsmax home office (888-305-8020 M-F / 9-5pm EST) ready to help with all of the above and more.

To get you started in the right direction one of the first considerations that affects the cost is the material the blind is made from. For example a solid hardwood blind is going to cost quite a bit more than a faux wood blind will, but the trade-off to consider is durability and potential energy savings over time. Of course solid wood blinds may not be a fit for every room, a bathroom for example is one place you may opt for a faux wood or composite option because of the moisture factor.

Since there is often no “one blind style fits all” solution for every room of your home that is also another big consideration when you are trying to figure out how much your new blinds will cost. You will need to consider add-on’s and additional options for your blinds as well. Common upgrades include: cordless (especially if you have children or pets), remote control motorized (very helpful for very large or tall windows), and top-down bottom-up

(Nice for more light and maintained privacy).

You also want to consider how long you plan to be in your home. Also you should consider if investing in a higher-end window covering would be a selling-point if you do plan to move in the not so distant future. It usually comes down to cost in the end; we have customers who have a simple need to cover their windows in the most attractive low-cost fashion possible.

So… how much do new blinds cost?

When you need to find out exactly what your cost will be the first step is to take careful and accurate measurements of each window you plan to purchase blinds or window shades for. After you have measured the length and width of your window you need to find how many square feet it is. If you are not sure how to measure please consult our “How To Measure” guide. To find the square footage of your window multiply the width times length to get square inches and convert it to square feet by dividing that by 144 (12 x 12).

(Ex. 42 inches wide x 48 inches long = 2016 sq inches & 2016 / 144 = 14 sq feet)

For blinds on the lower end of the price range the average cost is roughly $3.80 per square foot.

For blinds on the higher end of the price range the average cost is roughly $7.30 per square foot.

Lower priced blinds tend to be faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds, and pleated shades. Mid-range window treatments options are solar shades, composite blinds, roller shades, woven-wood shades and vertical blinds. High-end blinds and shades tend to come with lifetime warranties from the manufacturer and are made with the best of the best materials, they include hard wood blinds, cellular blinds, roman shades, and insulating blinds. We recommend getting samples (which we have available for free on Blindsmax) to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the colors and wood tones you plan to order for your home.

Installation costs tend to vary by area and contractor. Here in the south-east the average cost is somewhere between $15-$25 per blind, that includes the hardware required to hang the blind securely in the window, larger blinds may need several mounting brackets for stability. You can of course install the blinds yourself fairly easily, the instructions that arrive with your blinds will take you step-by-step. We also have “Blind and Shade Installation Guides” available on our website if you should get stuck.


Now that you hopefully have some insight into the tough question of How much do new blinds cost? Feel free to browse our selection of blinds and window shades. We have the lowest prices guaranteed, in fact if you can find the same product for a price that is lower than ours we will match the price plus 10% of the difference, provided it’s verifiable via the internet. This guarantee applies only to custom made window treatments and it does not apply to closeouts, commercial orders or discontinued items. We reserve the right to not sell any product below our cost.


Home Décor Resolutions for the New Year

Stay Organized and Clutter Free for the New Year
Stay Organized and Clutter Free for the New Year

Stay Organized and Clutter Free for the New Year

It’s that time again. The holidays are almost over, the new year approaches, and we commit to make some life changes so that the next one will be better than the last. The problem with resolutions is that though we have every intention of tackling them, we tend to let them quietly fade away. That could be because we often make resolutions that are unrealistic. We defeat ourselves before we even begin. Make this year’s resolution to make attainable resolutions!

Here are four doable home décor resolutions to get you started.

1. Stay Organized and Clutter Free. Keeping your home organized and clutter free will not only make it more inviting, it will reduce stress and anxiety. In order to take on the initial clean-up, break it into small tasks that you can do over a period of time so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. If it seems to be a daunting chore then you are more likely to avoid it altogether. Don’t expect to do it all at once. Do one room at a time and divide it up into projects. Determine what items you need to keep and what you don’t. If you haven’t used something in a while you probably won’t, so get rid of it. Don’t bring more things home. Once you have your home clean and organized, commit to doing a little tidying up every day so that it doesn’t get out of control.

2. Go “Green” at Home. Reducing your impact on the environment by using eco-friendly home décor options is a great way to accomplish two things at once. You can do that room makeover you have been putting off and do your part for the planet. Grasscloth wallcoverings are made from natural, sustainable materials and are considered an eco-friendly choice. They are beautifully textured papers with many unique designs. Another alternative is bamboo window coverings, called woven woods by window blind retailers. Bamboo is very popular for its versatility in appearance and application. A variety of attractive, natural blinds and shades are available. Bamboo options will elegantly accent any room.

Eco-friendly Blinds and Shades Make Great Window Treatments

Eco-friendly Blinds and Shades Make Great Window Treatments

3. Update an Outdated Room. A couple of quick ways to update a room are by adding an accent wall and swapping out old drapery for more modern blinds or shades. Choose a sophisticated wallpaper pattern and create a focal point accent wall. Then spread the color around the room with matching accessories. Take down the old, dusty drapes and replace them with some energy-efficient, streamlined blinds or shades for a stylish and eco-friendly upgrade.

4. Start the Kids’ New Year Off Right. Whether you are preparing for the arrival of a new little one or redecorating your child’s room as a birthday gift, designing their space should be fun for you and expressive and stimulating for them. An easy way to create an environment they will love is with wall décor. From wallpaper to murals and decals, the options are virtually endless and you are sure to find something appealing to both you and your child. Once you decide on a theme to work around, consider strippable wallpaper or peel & stick wall decals, so that it will be easy to remove when their interests change and they want to replace it with a new favorite hobby or color. Children grow quickly as do their personalities, so allow them to express themselves and demonstrate their independence all year long with wall décor.

Start the Kids' New Year Off Right with New Wall Décor

Start the Kids’ New Year Off Right with New Wall Décor

Your home is your haven so love it or change it! A comfortable home is good for your health. If there is something you don’t love about it, now is the time to make it better. Take an inventory of your home and make a plan. Start small; give yourself reasonable time frames and attainable goals. Home décor resolutions for the new year are a great way to make your house a home. Whether it be rearranging some furniture or adding an accent wall, your home should be a relaxing place and an extension of yours or your family’s personalities. Enjoy the new year and enjoy your house!