What Pink Blinds Can Do For Your Home

pink mini blinds

pink mini blinds

When you think of the color pink, many things may come to mind. A lonely flower wafting gently in the breeze; a sheet of soft satin; a romantic greeting card signed in cursive script. People around the world hold a universal understanding of what this lighter shade of red can signify, and for centuries it has held a special place in fashion and literature. But you don’t have to associate pink with items that come and go when the seasons change. You can utilize pink blinds when you redesign a room in your home. If you’re wondering how these particular blinds can be used, there are many examples to take under consideration.

The first use for pink blinds that you may wish to think about involves a child’s room – more specifically, a little girl’s room. Many girls love the color pink, and it’s not unusual for a child to ask their parents to incorporate a favorite color into their habitat and personal possessions. You don’t have to limit yourself to sheets on the bed or a stuffed animal on the dresser. You can make her room feel special when you add blinds of the pink variety.

You may also use colored blinds when you have a unique theme in mind for a section of your living space. If your living room has a lot of light colors in it, you can add to the softness of the atmosphere. If you believe that your kitchen needs a feminine touch, pink blinds can be the answer that you seek. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see how you can breathe new life into something you considered out-of-date. It’s a good idea to take the time to look at the overall aesthetic of the space before you make any significant changes.

Did you know that the color pink is used to calm violent inmates in prisons? It’s also not unheard of for a sports team to paint the walls of the locker room for the opposing team with this color. The point meant is that pink brings a sense of tranquility and peace to those exposed to it. You can use this to your advantage. If you want your guests to feel at home, you can use pink blinds in the guest room. If you want your child to unwind from a tantrum, rosy blinds may be just what the doctor ordered. There are countless uses for these decorative blinds – you just have to look for them.

The color pink can show up in unbelievable places, and you can look for it wherever you go. But you don’t have to limit yourself to the odd spotting at the community garden. You can bring pink into your home whenever you wish, and you can do it by using pink blinds. Blinds shade your home and keep your privacy intact – why not add a touch of color in the process?

At Blindsmax we have a generous assortment of colored blinds and our pink mini blinds are a very popular window treatment option.

10 Reasons to Replace Your Blinds

Is it time to replace the blinds in your home? Are they outdated, old, or simply boring to look at? There are many reasons you might want to replace your blinds and if you are not quite sure yet if it is time to replace them or not, here is a list of 10 reasons why you probably should.

Great Bathroom Design

1. They are hard to clean
Those blinds you can never seem to get 100% clean no matter what you do or try… or they simply take forever to clean? Time to replace them with something easier to maintain!

2. They Are Beyond Repair
You know the ones… you used up all the extra slats, they’re warped or simply nonfunctioning, maybe all of the above? Time to get new blinds and save yourself the headaches!

3. They Look Outdated
They remind you of your grannies house… or a tacky set over at your Auntie Joan’s place. Worse… you are afraid they will remind your guests of their grannies place! Time to replace and refresh with a modern and updated look.

4. They Don’t Match Anything Else
Did they look great in the magazine but in place they clash with everything else in the room? It’s time to give them away and choose a better match.

5. They Don’t Fit Properly
You know they should fit right in the window but there is a big gap on the side… or perhaps they are a little too tight and look “forced” to fit? Time to get correctly fitting blinds.

6. They Are Difficult To Operate
You thought the seamless look would be great for that huge picture window… but now you have heavy blinds that are a chore to lift and lower? It is time to find a better lightweight option and make use of that window again.

7. There Are Small Children Around
You or a close family member recently welcomed a bundle of joy and you are worried about the dangers of dangling cords. Your best option is to select a cordless window treatment and eliminate this serious hidden hazard.

8. You Need A Different Type of Blind
Perhaps you work late and you need to nap during daylight hours… or maybe your theatre room needs better light control. No problem… you can choose room-darkening blinds to eliminate most of the light in a room… or you can go with light filtering to make the most of the sunshine.

9. You Have Had These Blinds Forever
You moved in and the blinds were there… you never bothered to replace them. Time to buy blinds that better reflect the class and style of your home.

10. You Just Want Something New
You want new blinds. Well that is a good enough reason for us! Where to find these new blinds you ask? You can find the best prices and selection at Blindsmax.com of course. Make sure to give us a call with any questions or concerns.

10 Easy Step-By-Step Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

Is your home feeling a little dark, heavy, and closed-in? If so, it’s probably a good time to lighten and brighten things up, and you can do so quite easily. These 10 easy tips will get you started, and you will be surprised at just how much more energetic and positive you will feel when you’re done.

Great Living Room Design

Great Living Room Design

Step 1: De-clutter Your Life
It may sound simple but let’s face it… sometimes we just have too much stuff sitting around that we have not let go of and it’s slowly suffocating the space we live in. If you can live without it, it’s time to let it go now. If you have valuable items, you can even make some extra cash by having a yard sale or listing them up on websites like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or list them in local newspapers.

Step 2: Fresh Paint
A fresh coat of light and cheery paint can do wonders for a dark room. Light gray, yellow, or beige are nice neutral colors that work well with pretty much any décor you could want. Painting trim white can really make a difference as well around windows and dark fireplace mantels. Even certain furniture pieces could be re-painted a brighter color to reflect the theme of your room.

Step 3: Get rid of Heavy Window Treatments
Heavy window treatments are really not in-style anymore, and unless your home is supposed to reflect its historic roots consider getting rid of those old heavy curtains. If you love rich beautiful fabrics try roman shades instead. For a more earthy, masculine touch try wood blinds or woven wood shades. For a soft and romantic approach try out sheer blinds. You can pair your blinds or shades with curtains too, but keep your fabric choices light to avoid going back to that dark and heavy feeling.

Step 4: Brighter Lights
Sometimes the light in a room may suffer simply because there are no good sized windows, or any windows at all. In these cases you will need to add more lighting. You can do this without creating a major increase in your electric bills by using energy-efficient lamps and light bulbs. Get creative with up lights and planter lights and add lights on top of bookcases, tall shelves, and cabinets.

Step 5: Replace Dark Flooring
Are your carpets, tiles, or wood floors a dark color? If they are outdated or worn, it might just be time for something fresh and light. Go with neutral tones to keep the room warm and bright.

Step 6: Brighten Up Furniture
You can also use light or bright colored throws and throw pillows to instantly create a lighter feel. If your furniture is outdated or too large for a room you should also consider replacing it if it makes sense for your budget. Solid neutral colored chair and couch covers are another great economic option for creating a fresh bright space.

Step 7: Add Mirrors
In small spaces a mirror or two can be helpful for reflecting light. Remember not to go overboard here or you risk making the room look dated and tacky. A nicely framed mirror can really add a sense of light, space, and style to a room.

Step 8: Add Bright Accessories
Bright accessories can add needed pops of color to an otherwise dark or plain room. Try finding some gorgeous framed artwork with splashes of color that you could match up with your throws. Add a few (but don’t overdo it) brightly colored vases, bowls, figurines, baskets, book-ends, candle holders and other accents that match your décor theme.

Step 9: Add Some Plants
Plants, flowers, and other greenery can really make a space feel brighter and more inviting. Add a potted plant in an empty corner or a vase of flowers on the table. Be aware of allergy sensitivity and opt for silk or fresh non-pollinating plant varieties.

Step 10: Open Up Some Space
You don’t have to pay to have a wall taken down to create a more open space. Often simple things like removing an unnecessary door, or replacing solid doors with doors that have glass panes to let in light between rooms can help. Remove any bulky pieces of furniture like dividers that you don’t really need, and just keep what you will actually use.

The Top 10 Ways to Cover a Window

There are lots of choices when it comes to covering your windows, and sometimes it is difficult to decide which to choose. There are Blinds, Shades, Curtains, Shutters; the list goes on. Some choices are more popular than others, and these are the ones we will inspire you with in this post.

1. The Faux Wood Blind:
This one is hands-down the most popular window covering option used today. These blinds take on the look of beautiful real wood blinds, but are considerably cheaper in price. Faux wood blinds come in a lot of different colors but the most popular ones are white and cream or off-white. They are affordable and look nice alone or with valances and drapes. One thing to note, faux wood blinds are made from PVC and weigh considerably more than their hardwood blinds counterpart. If you’re covering a large window and you plan to raise and lower the blinds regularly, we suggest considering real wood blinds.

faux wood blinds in bathroomFaux wood blinds are great in bathrooms and other high-humidity areas


2. The Vertical Blind:
Vertical blinds are usually the choice for covering patio doors, sliding glass doors, or large windows. Typically you see them in white or off-white, but they also come in just about any color you could possibly want – including faux wood. The really nice thing about vertical blindsis that you can open them fully or simply adjust the slats to control light and privacy.

Graber Sheer Vertical BlindsVertical blinds are a great alternative for large windows

3. Roman Shades:
The roman shade has gained a lot of popularity lately as trends move away from heavy elaborate traditional drapes to more of a contemporary elegance. There are four main styles of roman shades; the flat style (sometimes referred to as plain), the hobbled or soft fold shade, the European style which gathers loosely at the bottom, and the classic flat roman shade. The variety of material styles and colors out there is astounding, each shines with its own character.

Elegant-Roman-Shades-PhaseII Elegant Roman Shades – Phase II

4. Wood Blinds:
Not only are real wood blinds some of the most beautiful window coverings on the market, but they are also the superior option when it comes to energy efficiency. The most popular look is either white or natural woods like pine, maple, oak, cedar, walnut, or any one of a variety of stained finishes.

Levolor Wood Blinds Levolor Wood Blinds

5. Solar Shades:
Solar shades are popular options for those who want optimal views with minimized heat gain and glare. Typically solar shades are used in offices, but they make for great sunroom blinds. Operation is simple with a controlled lift system that keeps the shade from getting ‘out of hand’.

Timber Solar Shade Screens Mesh solar screen shades are great for rooms with stunning views

6. Mini Blinds:
The aluminum mini blind is a classic style that has been used for many years due in part to this window coverings well-known reputation for durability. Just like a great pair of jeans the mini blind resists fading and keeps its popularity even as trends change. There are a rainbow of colors available to match any and every possible decor scheme you have in mind.

Mini BlindsAluminum Mini Blinds can also add an industrial look to any space

7. Cellular Shades:
Whether you call them shades or blinds, the cellular option is the superior choice when it comes to privacy control.  There are typically two choices; the single cell and the double cell shade which are also referred to as honeycombs. The cells act as barriers to trap the air and heat seeping in and out around a window; this makes these shades fantastic options for increased energy efficiency.

Cellular Shades Cellular Shades

8. Roller Shades:
Roller shades are popular because they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Basically you could have just about anything you want printed onto a roller shade, or you can stick to solid colors and traditional patterns.

Roller Window Shade Roller Window Shade

9. Woven Wood Shades:
Simply beautiful natural woven wood shades, also called bamboo shades by some, are very popular for those who want to bring natural elements in their homes. These blinds are Eco-friendly blinds with unique character, no two are exactly alike! There are many shades of woven woods to choose from, and you can choose to have them lined or leave them unlined.

Bamboo Blinds Add liners for increase light control and privacy

10. Sheer Shades:
Last but not least there is a style of window covering that is soft and pretty but not overwhelmingly feminine, the sheer shade. The light filtering effect of the sheer shade gives the room a sort of soft glow that no other window covering can offer. When closed the sheer shade effectively blocks out light and offers the same privacy as a traditional blind.

Sheer Light Filtering BlindsSheer horizontal shades are sheer elegance!

The Memorial Day Summer Kick-Off Sale At BlindsMax Starts Now

Graber Cellular Office Shades

The team at Blindsmax is making sure their customers are ready for the heat of summer with discounts and free upgrades on blinds and window shades.

Graber Cellular Office Shades

Graber Cellular Office Shades

Combine the sweltering sticky heat of summer with improperly  insulated windows and you get very unattractive energy bills in the mail. This spring BlindsMax is offering customers great deals on already low prices so they won’t have to worry about losing money this summer. Deals include limited time free upgrades, free next day shipping on select items, and 10% off Nulite Prestige or Graber Vertical Blinds with coupon code TAKE10 at checkout.

“Now is the best time to save on new blinds.” said the current head of customer service at Blindsmax. “You won’t see a better deal anywhere else, and the potential energy savings is often surprising for our customers.” He would know, he get’s “Thank You” cards all the time from customers of Blindsmax telling him just that.

One of the free upgrades is a cordless upgrade on select Nulite Prestige window shades. The offer is good through 7/9/13 and includes a variety of affordable options, this upgrade is not available with the Top Down / Bottom Up feature, and is not available for commercial contract orders. Included with many of these styles is the “Next Day” guarantee.

Another free upgrade available is a free Top Down / Bottom Up option on Nulite Premium cellular shades. This offer is good through 6/30/13. Easily add versatility and practicality to any window. Lower shades from the top or raise them from the bottom to let in natural light while still maintaining privacy.

Plus you can take 10% off Nulite Prestige Blinds and Window Shades, as well as Graber Vertical Blinds by using coupon code TAKE10 at checkout. The savings for Nulite Prestige ends 7/9/13. The Graber Vertical Blinds offer ends 6/30/13.

The Memorial Day summer kick-off sale means extra savings for BlindsMax customers. You can take advantage of these offers by visiting www.Blindsmax.com and clicking on the “What’s on Sale?” heading. Or you can contact the Blindsmax sales team Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm

Cellular Shades Orange

Cellular Shades Orange

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades On Sale!

Orange Cellular Shades

Orange Cellular Shades

10 Luxurious Bedroom Window Ideas Anyone Can Afford

You might be surprised at just how affordable it is to have beautiful luxurious window treatments in your bedroom when you shop at Blindsmax.  The most difficult part of the process is usually choosing between all the different window covering options that are available. Hopefully these 10 beautiful bedrooms will inspire you and help you with your eventual choice.

Graber Cellular Shades

Graber Cellular Shades


Timber Faux Wood Blinds

Timber Faux Wood Blinds

Graber Vertical Blinds

Graber Vertical Blinds

Graber Pleated Shades

Graber Pleated Shades

Graber Sheer Vertical Blinds

Graber Sheer Vertical Blinds

Graber Natural Woven Shades

Graber Natural Woven Shades

Graber Blinds

Graber Blinds

Graber White Roman Shades

Graber White Roman Shades


Levolor Roman Shades

Levolor Roman Shades


Red Roman Shades

Red Roman Shades

At Blindsmax we have a team of people who are dedicated to superior customer service, waiting at our home office to help you make the perfect choice. So if you need a few specific ideas, help with measuring, or just want to know all of your options you are welcome to give us a call at (888) 305-8020 between 9am and 8pm EST Mon-Friday and 10am-3pm EST Saturday.

Or you can visit us online at Blindsmax.com and feel free to access our Live Chat feature.

Ideas: Home Office Style

Timber Solar Shade Screens

Your home office should be a refreshing and inspiring space to work in. Every detail should fit your personality but should also be organized in a way that is uncluttered and calming so you can focus. Here are some ideas for home office style that you might find inspiring for your home.


Timber Solar Shade Screens

Timber Solar Shade Screens

The Dark & Sleek Modern Office Style

This could easily be the office of a professional man or woman who entertains clients from time to time. We love that everything is neutral and not distracting to the homeowner or the clients. The Timber brand solar shades on the windows allow for light control and privacy as needed without detracting from the very modern feel of the room.

Graber Woven Wood Office Shades

Graber Woven Wood Office Shades

The Transitional Style Home Office

Fans of transitional style take the classics like this gorgeous desk and leather chair, and pair it with a touch of contemporary like these Woven Wood shades. If this room were fully classic in style you would traditionally see heavy drapes, instead the woven wood shades help make this small room feel bigger and more open. There is also a very natural feel to this room; the artwork, plant, and warm wood tones in the room make this space feel less “stuffy”.

Graber Cellular Office Shades

Graber Cellular Shades

The Light & Bright Home Office

If you love spaces with lots of natural sunlight this would be the ideal office space for you. This home office is painted a very light peach tone and the home owner used two different colors of cellular shades to create more interest in the windows. This was done using the very popular “Top Down Bottom Up” feature available on many cellular and honeycomb style window shades on the market today.

Graber Faux Wood Blinds

Graber Faux Wood Blinds

The Warm & Inviting Office

This homeowner wanted a space that felt warm and inviting but not too dark. The solution was to use dark wood furniture and a warm paint color in combination with white faux wood blinds and vertical shades on the patio door. The overall effect is exactly what was desired, warm and inviting but not too dark to work comfortably.

Graber Woven Wood Shades With Liner

Graber Woven Wood Shades With Liner

A Small Upstairs Retreat Style Home Office

This office was the stylish solution for a homeowner who had a  small room that was narrow and long. By positioning the furniture and office chairs in the center of the room instead of trying to angle the arrangement from a small corner the office feels very spacious and open. The hobbled roman style woven wood shades compliment the woven reed chairs, the lighter furniture and bright prints really draw the eye and “pop” against the slate grey of the walls.

What is the next step? Time to choose the perfect window treatments to accentuate your home office and your personal style. Time to shop Blindsmax for the best price “Guaranteed” and we mean it. If anyone else has a lower price on the same blinds or shades, we will match it AND give you 10% off your order provided it is verifiable and not below our cost. We are waiting to serve you.


Mom’s Picks: 10 Gorgeous Cordless Window Treatments

They say mother knows best and who are we to argue? From soft light-filtering roller shades to colorful room-darkening cellular shades, these ten gorgeous cordless window treatments pair function and great looks with safety. While every Mom knows there are no true “child proof blinds”, making safer choices like choosing cordless blinds and shades can make your home much safer and less risky for young children and pets.


Blindsmax Exclusive Brand 1/2″ Single Cell Room Darkening Shades

These cellular shades are also called honeycomb shades because of their honeycomb shaped cells. They are designed to trap air between the layers to provide insulation. Single cellular shades have one layer of cells. They are lightweight and low-profile, making them perfect for doors and can add extra privacy.


Blindsmax Exclusive Pleated Unlined Room Darkening Shades

The Blindsmax Exclusive pleated shades come in a variety of colors to match your decor. These durable shades have a simple, clean look, that suits any room. They are versatile and lightweight not to mention beautiful and functional. These pleated shades are energy-efficient and a great option for added privacy.


Blindsmax Exclusive Brand 1/2″ Single Cell Light Filtering Shades

These Blindsmax cellular shades are light filtering and energy efficient. These gorgeous shades provide beauty without the need to fuss with annoying cords. Simply lift the handle up or pull down to operate.


Graber LightWeaves Solar Shades

Graber LightWeave solar shades come in a variety of colors and light control options. Available in a range from light filtering to total blackout, you decide how much light and privacy you need. Stylish and practical these solar shades offer an array of attractive colors and woven textures. They are beautiful and functional and look great in any room of the house. Keep your view while minimizing glare and protecting your home from heat gain and harmful UV rays.


Graber Crystal Pleat 3/8″ Single Cell Light Filtering

Our Graber Crystal Pleat 3/8″ Single Cell Light Filtering cellular shades are available in over 60 vibrant colors with a maximum size of w 192″ x h 144″ available. These light filtering cellular shades are an easy and gorgeous way to add elegant style and functionality to any room. Light filtering cellular shades provide a high level of privacy while letting in natural light.


Graber Even Pleated Unlined Light Filtering Shades

Unlined light filtering pleated shades are a versatile and very affordable window shade very similar in appearance to the popular honeycomb shade. These stylish Graber Even Pleated Unlined Light Filtering Shades feature a huge selection of colors and are perfect for homes and business environments alike. Our Pleated Shades are designed in an accordion shape for crisp pleats and bring simplistic beauty to any space.


Graber Even Pleated Lined Light Filtering Shades

Lined light filtering pleated shades are a versatile and very affordable window shade very similar in appearance to the popular honeycomb shade. These stylish Graber Even Pleated Lined Light Filtering Shades feature a huge selection of colors and are perfect for homes and business environments alike.


Timber 1/2″ Double Cell Prism Translucent

Our Timber 1/2″ Double Cell Light Filtering cellular shades are available in 23 vibrant colors with a maximum size of w 120″ x h 120″ available. These light filtering cellular shades are an easy and gorgeous way to add elegant style and functionality to any room. Light filtering cellular shades provide a high level of privacy while letting in natural light.


Graber Crystal Pleat 3/8 ” Single Cell Room Darkening

These Graber Crystal Pleat 3/8″ single cell Room Darkening cellular shades are available in over 25 designer colors with a maximum size of w 192″ x h 144″ available. These room darkening cellular shades are a simple and elegant way to add modern style and functionality to any space. Room darkening cellular shades provide a high level of light control and privacy for homes and businesses.


Levolor Hobbled Roman Shades

Levolor roman shades offer a vast selection of colors, patterns, and textures designed to coordinate with any home decor. They have a wide variety of privacy and light control options. Choose from light filtering or room darkening. The hobbled roman shades feature soft folds for a more classic, traditional look.

Inspiring Porch and Sun Room Window Covering Ideas

The beauty of being outdoors or relaxing in the sun room after a long day is unmatched. Sometimes though, especially in the summer months, it can become very uncomfortable and hot making these otherwise favorite areas of the home unusable. What you need is a stylish way to keep the room comfortable, and we have some beautiful window covering inspiration for you. As always you are very welcome to pin these to your favorite Pinterest boards.


Not only will you feel more comfortable but your home will be better insulated, especially with the addition of sun room blinds and shades. Window treatments can come unlined or sheer for light filtering effects, or lined to completely block out any light. The choice between these is really up to the purpose of the room and your preferences.


Blindsmax is proud to offer Graber Window Fashions to our customers both online at www.blindsmax.com and in our Chattanooga, TN store location. For personal assistance from our customer service team call (888) 305 – 8020. For over 35 Years we have been providing customers in our community with beautiful wall and window coverings… let us help you find the perfect blinds for your home.



4 Easy Ways To Save Money At Home

Graber Cellular Shades Bathroom

Everyone likes to save money and the best way to do so is to start at home. We are about to share with you the top 4 easy secrets to saving hundreds of dollars a year or more! These are simple things that anyone can do to make a big difference; on average applying these tips will save you $342 per year.

1. Switch It! Coming in first is what we like to call “switch it”. Make sure you and your family keep everything turned off when it’s not in use. When we say switch it we mean more than just the overhead lights; ceiling fans, computers, televisions, nightlights, lamps, electronics, even some small appliances can all be switched off and unplugged when not in use.

2. Super Size It! Ok, I bet I can guess what you are thinking… “I saw that movie with the guy eating that fast food.” however that is not exactly what I mean even though this does have to do with food. You can save quite a bit of money by buying things in bulk packages. One good example is hamburger which can be over $3 a pound if you purchase it by the pound, but if you opt for large oversize packages you might pay as little as $2 per pound.

3. Replace It! We are all guilty of this at one point or another… we have old outdated stuff we know we need to replace but we never get around to it. You may be thinking “How can replacing things SAVE me any money?” and I do not blame you so let me explain. If for example you update your incandescent light bulbs (Operating Cost: $328.59/year) to the new LED ones (Operating Cost: $32.85/year) the cost of the replacement is still much lower than the operating cost thus you still save even though you bought something.

Buy This – Not That (Not An Exhaustive List):

  • Buy LED Light Bulbs – Not Incandescent Light Bulbs (Save More on Electricity)
  • Buy Insulating Cellular Shades – Not Cheapo Store Blinds (Save on Heating & Cooling Bills)
  • Buy Energy Star Appliances – Not Older or Cheap Inefficient Off-Brands (Save On Electricity)

4.  Get Creative! While creative and crafty tend to be thought of lately as something more ladies do, men and women can BOTH contribute to this money saving idea. One easy way to do this is to re-purpose old furniture instead of buying new. Take for example a worn out set of dressers still in decent physical shape but worn due to the inevitable passage of time; by sanding them down and refinishing them, or repainting them, then adding new knobs and handles you have a like-new set of furniture. Sometimes a creative solution is as simple rearranging furniture into different rooms.

We at Blindsmax hope you enjoyed this blog. For the best price and selection of window fashions on the web visit us at: www.blindsmax.com

Graber Cellular Shades Bathroom

Graber Cellular Shades Bathroom