Bamboo Shades and Curtains: Eco Chic Window Fashions

Eco Chic Bamboo

Eco Chic Bamboo

Eco Chic Bamboo

Eco Chic Bamboo

As consumers, we are becoming increasingly more aware of how our choices affect the world around us. Many are making daily efforts to lessen the negative impact on our planet. In addition to recycling, using mass transit, and conserving energy usage, another way we can work toward preserving the environment is by choosing Eco-friendly home décor products.

The term Eco Chic refers to products made with Eco-friendly materials, which are better for the environment, yet stylish and trendy. In effort to “go green,” interior designers encourage and implement the use of recycled, renewable and natural materials. Being environmentally conscious does not mean one has to forgo their sense of style and personality. It doesn’t have to be a sacrifice to do your part. You can live in a more Eco-friendly home while maintaining your creativity.

Bamboo Shades

Bamboo Shades

There has been an increase in the variety and availability of environmentally friendly textiles. The options are vast. The organic production of natural fibers for use as building materials and home décor items is growing as the desire for these types of products rises. “There are varying degrees of ‘green,’ but in general a product must be made from renewable natural material grown organically or harvested with minimal impact to its environment, or a material recycled in an environmentally responsible way.” (Talsma, 2012)

One such material that has become very popular for its versatility in appearance and application, is bamboo. Bamboo grows in most continents except for Antarctica and Europe. Due to its Eco-friendly appeal, quick growth rate, and durability, bamboo is a preferred building material. It is “more lightweight than steel and five times stronger than concrete.” (Green Diary, 2012) It not only lasts a long time, it is completely biodegradable when disposed of.

Bamboo Shades in a Sun Room

Bamboo Shades in a Sun Room

Window furnishings are a great place to start your home transformation. Choosing the right window covering will not only benefit the environment but it can save you money! There are varieties currently on the market that are not only beautiful but serve to allow you to block completely or let in just the right amount of sunlight. Having natural sunlight permeate a room can help reduce costs related to lighting as well as heating in the winter. Having the ability to block the sunlight effectively can reduce the cost of cooling in the summer.

There are several types of bamboo window coverings available. Woven roman shades, roller shades, grommet panels, and drapes are crafted from reeds, grasses, and natural woods, including bamboo. The shades provide a combination of natural beauty, durability, and function. Shades can be flat, hobbled style or accordion, with the same options as other shades or blinds, such as traditional wood valances, continuous cord loop or top-down/bottom-up style for custom design. The panels and drapes can be easily hung with a rod. Because they come in a variety of colors, textures and weaves, with a number of customizable attributes, the selection is extensive. They naturally filter light but a liner can be added to block light and increase privacy. They also pair well with fabric drapery panels.

Bamboo shades, drapes and panels are multifunctional and can be used to accent the home in other ways besides covering windows.

  • Bamboo beaded curtains are great for separating spaces within a room, such as a room divider in a shared kids’ room, creating a private sleeping space in a small studio or setting up a small closet.
  • A woven bamboo panel makes a nice shower curtain that can be easily hooked to the shower rod.
  • Bamboo curtains and shades work well for blocking sunlight when hung over a sliding glass door.
  • Colorful, decorative bamboo shades or beaded curtains make fun wall hangings that are easy to change out for seasonal themes or motifs.
Bamboo Shades with Fabric Drapery

An Eco-friendly home can also be stylish and trendy. Bamboo options will elegantly accent any room by adding a natural touch to your modern décor. Sustainable natural materials are being used to create beautiful and interesting home décor options that will decrease the negative impact on the environment, so you don’t have to sacrifice style to be a green homeowner.

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