The MANY Benefits of Cordless Window Shades: Featuring the Brand NEW Phase II Cordless Cellular Shades makes the 100% Satisfaction of our customers our top priority.  Alongside our satisfaction guarantee is our promise to provide the safest blinds and shades to our customers and their families.  Nothing is more important than choosing the perfect product to fit your individual homes’ needs.  One of the top safety picks for homes with children and pets are Cordless Blinds and Shades.  Cordless shades reduce the risk of strangulation among children due to the elimination of long dangling cords.  Here at Blindsmax, we carry several different products that offer the option for a cordless lift system.  One of which, is a product we are very excited to now offer our customers: Phase II Cordless Cellular Shades.

Phase II has gone the extra mile in safety precautions by offering the choice of only two lift systems for their new cellular shade line: Cordless and Cordless Top/Down Bottom/Up. Two of the most popular lift systems among cellular shades and at a price that is hard to beat!  With 9 vibrant fabric colors to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect match to accompany your home décor.  And as always, Blindsmax will send you as many blind swatch samples as you like, free of charge.

True to the characteristics of honeycomb shades, these cellular shades are an excellent choice for insulating your home year around as well as filtering just the right amount of light into any room.  The Top/Down Bottom/Up option also allows you to maintain your privacy while still letting the natural light in.  Durable and affordable, these Cordless Cellular Shades provide limitless benefits for the entire family for many years to come.

Call and speak to one of our Blind Experts today to learn more!  Toll free at 1-888-305-8020!


Window Treatment Options for Your Sliding Glass Door

Shopping for a blind or shade for your sliding glass door?  Should be pretty simple right? Vertical Blinds are the only choice aren’t they?  Wrong!  The days of having just one choice for Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments are gone!  At, we’ve come up with a handful of options for our customers who are looking to spruce up their patio and sliding glass doors.  While vertical blinds still remain a top contender for patio and sliding glass doors, other products such as Graber’s Sliding Panels and Timber’s Vertical Cellulars Shades give our customers more options to showcase their unique personal style.

Due to their durability, variety of color options, and cost friendly prices Vertical Blinds will always be in style.  Not only can you choose from vinyl, free hanging fabric, and fauxwood louvers, but you can also coordinate these blinds with your horizontal wood and fauxwood blinds!  Vertical blinds are also extremely easy to clean, making them perfect for homes with children and pets.

  • Graber’s Sliding Panels: A Leader in Innvoation

If you are looking for a modern window treatment that will provide superior privacy for that oversized window… look no further than our new product line, Graber’s Sliding Panels.  The versatility of these sliding panels make them the perfect option for both sliding patio doors as well as eloquent room dividers.  You can coordinate these sliding panels with several other Graber product lines including Solar, Roller, and Natural Shades.  The design of these Sliding Panels give your room a one of kind look that is also practically effortless to operate.

  • Timber’s Vertical Honeycomb Cellular Shades

If you love the honeycomb design of Cellular Shades, Timber’s Vertical Honeycomb Cellular Shades might just be the perfect choice for you!  These shades can also be coordinated to your horizontal cellular shades, making them perfect for those living room and bedrooms where privacy and light control are top priority.  And don’t worry, the Vertical Cellular Shades are just as proficient in light filtration and energy efficiency as their Horizontal Cellular Shades, since they are made from the same materials!  If you love the look of Honeycomb Shades, these Vertical Honeycomb Shades will leave you equally satisfied.

Order some free samples of each option when considering a window treatment for your patio and sliding glass doors.  Having a sliding glass door doesn’t mean you don’t have options!  Want to learn more?  Call in or Chat with one of our friendly Blind Experts today!


“Freshen Up Fridays”: Give your Mom the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

This week on Freshen Up Fridays…

Switch it up this Mother’s Day and give Mom a priceless gift: A Window Treatments UPDATE!


That’s right, at, we’ve done the planning ahead of time for you!  Stuck in the rut of getting Mom the same gifts every year?  Flowers, handbags, and a trip to her favorite restaurant for lunch?  Skip the crowded Hallmark’s and restaurant waits and give your one-of-a-kind Mom the gift that keeps on giving… new blinds and shades!  Make her day and surprise her with a fresh new look in her window panes.  And if you’re super sneaky, head over to her house when you know she isn’t home and take a quick measurement of that bay window in the kitchen where the blinds are practically falling apart.  Then, call us and our sales team will help you pick the perfect shades for that perfect lady in your life!  Next step, we can have Mom’s blinds delivered to your home or office (to keep the surprise going of course!) and while Mom is busy running around with the grandkids outside, install her new window fashions.  All of our blinds come with all the necessary mounting brackets and screws you will need to have Mom’s new look up and going in no time! Flowers and lunch will never go unappreciated by any family member, but this year, if you’re in the market for that special gift, nothing says “I wanted to surprise you on your special day” like a brand new look, just in time for Summer BBQ’s and parties.  Give us a call today and let one of our friendly blind experts team up with you for the ultimate Mother’s Day surprise!



Motorization: Why Less Work Really is More Fun

Here at, we cannot stress enough the importance of our customers choosing the perfect custom blind or shade to fit their individual lifestyle.  If you live in sunny Florida or California, our blind experts will most likely recommend a solar shade.  Solar shades are a top choice for filtering in just the right amount of light to ensure your hardwood floors and furnishings will not fade over time. Solar shades are also perfect for blocking out those same harmful UV rays that warm up your living room during the hottest part of the day.  If our customer resides in a much colder region such as Colorado or Michigan, perhaps an insulating cellular shade will be best to keep that heat indoors on those chilly winter days.  We take pride in going the extra mile to be certain our customers will get the most efficient use from their window treatments and continue to enjoy them for many years to come.  One of the many options we offer our customers is the choice to add motorization to their blinds and shades.  Motorized shades are perfect for hard to reach spaces, fitness rooms, and home theater rooms.  Afterall, who wants to interrupt their workout or their movie time by getting up to adjust the blinds?  Motorization also eliminates the presence of dangling cords and wands, making them safer for any children or pets in the home.  There are also a couple of different choices when choosing how to operate your motorized blinds.  We offer single channel and multi-channel remotes as well as wall switches for operation choices. Rechargeable battery packs and wall plug in units provide our customers with a choice as well for power supply sources.  So, if you have that one large window behind the sofa that requires you to rearrange furniture to reach or the tiny window that sets atop your whirlpool tub, consider upgrading to motorization, which can be easily added to many of our products.  Feel free to contact one of our blind specialists today with any questions and concerns you may have!  Our Blindsmax sales team is here to help Monday through Friday from 8am until 5pm EST.  You can reach our team toll free at 1-888-305-8020 or Live Chat with us today!

Fauxwood Blinds VS. Hardwood Blinds: Which is right for you?


I spy with my little eye… Wait, can you tell the difference?  Which room has used fauxwood and which has used hardwood?  Let give you the top 5 benefits of both Graber Fauxwood blinds and Graber Wood blinds and you be the judge!


Graber Lake Forest Fauxwood Blinds

1.  Fauxwood blinds are manufactured for durability, ease of cleaning, and stability.

2. Fauxwood blinds are a fraction of the cost of wood blinds. Making fauxwood blinds a more economical approach while still keeping the feel of real wood blinds alive in your home.

3.  Fauxwood blinds are offered in the variety of wood stain finishes as well as painted colors.  These painted and stained colors coordinate beautifully with existing natural wood finishes in your home.

4.  The Child Safe Cordless option is available on fauxwood blinds which makes them a front runner in available upgrades.

5.  The 2 1/2 inch “Shutter Style” slats are also available in the Lake Forest Fauxwood collection.  These larger slats give the consumer the viewing capability formerly exclusive to wood shutters, while still rendering the functionality of fauxwood blinds.


Graber Traditions Wood Blinds

1.  The genuine look of real wood is unsurpassed.  The imperfections and knots in the hardwood blinds give our customer the authentic look and feel of true American hardwood in their home.  The wood staining techniques applied by the manufacturer give these blinds a one of a kind look uncomparable to anything else.

2.  Wood blinds are lightweight, making them more suitable for large windows.  When you have a large window the blind can become quite heavy, causing a possible “sag” in the middle of the blind.  With wood blinds, the material is lighter than your fauxwood components, so you do not have to worry about the weight of your oversized shade.

3.  Graber’s Wood Blinds are offered in over 50 colors and stains giving our customers a wide variety of choices to accompany their current décor and wood trim work.  The possibilities with color also make using a complimentary stain or color an option as well.

4.  Cordless upgrade is also an option for hardwood blinds.  The child safe cordless option is becoming more and more popular for homes with childrens and pets.  Just another added safety measure offers our customers!

5.  Decorative tassels are also available exclusively with our Graber Traditions Wood Blinds.  Give your window treatment its’ own unique style with this design option.


As you can see, there are benefits to both the fauxwood and hardwood blinds.  Determining which one is best for you and your home can be a tough decision.  But shop confidently knowing that either product you choose, fauxwood or wood blinds, both are guaranteed to give your home a classic and timeless look that everyone is sure to enjoy.  And as always, Blindsmax offers samples of both products for our customers free of charge!


(psshh.. the room on the left  has our Graber Fauxwood Collection and the room on the right has our Graber Wood Blinds.  Did you guess correct??)

Let your Light Shine: Pick and Choose Exactly How Much Summer Shine Is Right for You believes that from the family living areas to the open kitchen where the entire family comes together at days end, just the right amount of sunshine can make all the difference in a room.  Use the sun to your advantage with cellular shades that will designate you as the glorified Light Master in your home!  Cellular shades offer a variety of benefits.  Not only do they offer assistance with the insulation within your home, the variety of options offered give the homeowner the freedom to customize these shades to fit their homes’ needs.  Levolor Accordia Shades are a top choice in cellular shade products.  With a variety of fabric colors and designs to choose from, matching your shades to your home décor and furnishings is at the ease of your fingertips.  Nervous to choose a fabric color without seeing it in person first?  No problem, we offer free samples in every fabric choice delivered directly to your doorstep!  Our customers can also choose from a light filtering fabric or a room darkening fabric.  Light filtering fabrics are great for rooms where natural light can play into the ambiance of the room.  While room darkening fabrics are perfect for bedrooms and home theater rooms where privacy and light control are top priority.  Whether you are interested in welcoming the sunshine into your room with open arms or making it an occasional house guest, cellular shades are an economical and illuminating choice.

Window Treatments for the entire home: On a BUDGET!


Spring is officially here, and along with bright flowers popping up all around us, comes the motivational drive for spring cleaning and redecorating.  Don’t you wish you could simply revamp your entire home with fresh blinds and shades.. without draining the bank?  Well rest assured, because help is on the way!  Many of our customers have broken down their window revamp projects to several mini-projects.  You can break down your window renovations by room, areas of your home, upstairs then downstairs, even by the window treatments that will be seen from the street view first!  By breaking down the amount of shades you purchase at one time into multiple blind orders, you can save some dollars now and then make your next purchase when the time is right for your budget.  Plus, our current blind sales and promo codes change month to month, so you may find that the cellular shades for your living room are offering a free top down bottom up option this month and the wood blinds you choose for your family room and den are an extra 15% off the following month!  No need to break the bank on a huge blind order for the whole house, take it step by step and bring new life and style to your home, one room at a time!