Are Vertical Blinds Right For You?

Vertical Blinds

If you have large windows or a set of patio doors you need to cover in a stylish and functional way you might be considering the ever-popular vertical blind. As the name itself suggests, vertical blinds have long vertical slats that twist open or closed, and which can be pulled to the side of the window or patio door. These gorgeous blinds are available in more than 200 colors and patterns.

Vertical by design, these blinds can enhance the perception of adding height to rooms with a low ceiling, and are the most popular choice to dress up sliding glass or patio doors. This type of blind is much easier to clean because they collect less dust. You can choose from many gorgeous fabric textures from linens to silks and even more natural textures inspired by bamboo, leather and of course wood.

Graber Sheer Vertical Blinds Levolor Free Hanging Fabric Vertical Blinds. Origami Collection, Cinnamon

Vertical blinds can be found in a wide range of colors and materials. When selecting a color, look for something to complement your décor but also keep in mind that certain colors block more light than others. Like horizontal blinds, vertical blinds are generally available in vinyl, fabric or wood. Base your decision again on how much light you’d like filtered through your windows. Also make sure the rail is straight, slats are fairly thick and rigid and that each slat is securely connected to the rail.

How do they function?
Blackout vertical blinds almost fully block out light to allow for maximum privacy, while the light filtering liner helps to soften the overall incoming light. The control you have over open or closed slats in addition to your ability to slide the blinds over for an unobstructed view or path to the outside makes them a superior choice.

What to consider when it comes to the length and width of your vertical blinds.
Vertical blinds can have widths up to 144 inches and lengths of up to 192 inches depending on the brand you choose. This means covering extra-large windows or patio doors is easily possible. You will want to consider whether one long vertical blind will be best aesthetically or if two or more independently operated vertical blinds would be better, especially if certain features would be hidden under one large blind.

What’s the difference between inside mount and outside mount vertical blinds?
Design preference is typically the main reasoning behind the choice between inside and outside mounted vertical blinds. Keep in mind that the outside mount is the suggested choice for patio doors to allow for unobstructed opening and closing of the door or doors. Inside mounted blinds are mounted inside the window frame. This is by far the most popular choice and provides a custom fitted look. Outside mounted vertical blinds are mounted outside the window, on the wood trim or wall.

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