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Why buy American Blinds, Shades, Shutters, and Drapes? There are many reasons to seriously consider American made products that has nothing to do with the gimmicky looking “Made In America” slogans you see plastered on various sites all over the internet.  We will discuss a few of the great reasons to buy American products starting with quality and detail.

We are proud at Blindsmax to sell handcrafted American blinds that come with a lifetime warranty, something few companies selling products made outside the USA could offer. We guarantee our custom made blinds, shutters, and window shades to be of superior quality. Every one of our American blinds, shutters, and soft treatments are handcrafted by skilled American craftsmen using only top quality tools and materials.

For the American craftsmen and women making these blinds it’s all about detailed finishing touches, construction  done with superior quality materials and attention to minute details. That is what makes every window treatment we offer to you, our valued customer, the absolute hands-down best on the market. At Blindsmax our promise to you is we will always keep an eye on every detail of your order and our dedicated team will ensure that your made American blinds will surpass your expectations.

American Blinds Graber Blue Aluminum Blinds

American Blinds Graber Blue Aluminum Blinds

Another great reason to buy American made products is to support our economy here at home. While not always the case, many countries have no minimum wage, and often when they do it is sadly not a livable wage by any means. The health of our economy really depends on everyone working together to buy American made products whenever possible.

You can help out by buying American made products like American blinds for your home, doing so protects your neighbors jobs, protects your own income from being cut due to a poorer economy, and you can feel good knowing you are making a great decision. Not only are products from BlindsMax made in America, but they are also high quality beautiful window coverings you can be sure will last a lifetime!

Whether you are shopping for blinds and window shades, shutters, curtains and drapes or custom window coverings, you can find what you need at Blindsmax. We proudly made American blinds, drapes, shutters, and window shades custom tailored for your needs!

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Wholesale Pricing on Blinds and Shades BlindsMax offers you wholesale pricing on blinds, window shades, shutters, and draperies from brands like Levolor, Graber, Comfortex, Timber, Vista, Phase II Blinds, Mariak and more. We pride ourselves on providing to you, our customer, an outstanding level of customer service that consistently meets and exceeds expectation. As our founder would say; “Find it easy, buy it easy, and return again knowing you will always be more than satisfied.” If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need assistance with your order please call us at: 888-305-8020. In the Chattanooga Tennessee Area? You can also visit our showroom. Blindsmax 2115 Chapman Rd, Ste 101 Chattanooga, TN 37421 Local: 423-624-6520 Hunter Douglas Showroom and Store Location Showroom Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm Phone Sales Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm EST 888-305-8020

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