5 Ways Window Blinds Operate

Top Down Bottom Up shades

When most people think of blinds, they picture the standard dangling cord style blinds. Many people don’t realize that With today’s innovations, there are many more options available. Some of these options give you more freedom over light and privacy, others make it easier to lift and lower your blinds. There is a perfect solution for every window at Blindsmax.com. Find yours below!

Standard Cord
This is probably the most commonly known lift mechanism. It’s your standard pull cord that raises and lowers your blind or window shade. This option has been used for years and works very efficiently. However, this option comes with a caution. A corded blind should never be accessible to young children since children can become fatally tangled or injured in the blind cords.

Rollease Chain / Continuous Cord Loop
This is the traditional option which operates the window shade with the pull of a chain. In most cases, you can choose to have the chain on either the right or left side of the shade. This is basically a single looped cord that always remains the same length, regardless of the shade position. This option is a perfect choice to add to window treatments of the large picture windows since it makes it easy to operate large and heavy shades. Also, when properly attached to the wall or window frame, the cord loop option becomes an excellent safety feature.

Cordless Easy Lift
The cordless option operates with an easy lift system which allows you to easily lift and lower the blind. This is an ideal option for those who want a clean cord free look. It is the safest option for those with small children and pets. Cordless window treatment options are also a good idea for seamlessly covering large windows without the worry of operating a heavy blind.

Top Down / Bottom Up
This option allows you to raise and lower your window coverings from the bottom and top. This is ideal for those who want the ultimate in privacy and light control. Top down bottom up options come in many light filtering or room darkening choices.

Motorized Remote Control
Motorized blinds and shades use a small electric or battery operated motor to open and close or lift the window covering. With the motorized lift option your blinds and shades can be operated at the touch of a button on a remote control. This is the most ideal option for large windows and hard to reach places like windows reaching up to the heights of cathedral ceilings.

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